Who´s my daddy [str8][f][M][inc]

Okay, so this is my first story so bear with me.

Some time after I moved out from my parents they split up. It wasn´t a big suprise for anyone and they were still good friends. I had my own apartment but my dad lived close to my work and I had a room there so I often would sleep there. One time I saw him in front of his computer late at night when he wondered I was sleeping. I could peek throught the door opening from the darker hallway so he never saw me. But I could see everything. He was watching porn and playing with his cock. I remember my first though was “Why the hell would my mom break up with this??” It was enormous. And even though I could see all of it in the light of his screen, I could see enough. Something in me made me think, that I´d wanna see it again. When he came I had to sneak back into my own room again to masturbate. I kept thinking to myself … How can I get to see more of that?

I started spending more time at my dad´s place. It was practical and I couldn´t live with the fact, that I only would get to see hos cock that one time. He at all times got up early in the morning and I found out he´d walk naked from his room to the bathroom. So I´d get up a bit earlier and wait in the bathroom just to get out when I heard him, so I could pass him in the hallway. The first time I did it he was embaressed and said sorry while covering himself. I just smiled and said that it was fine and it didn´t bother me. I went into my own room again and masturbated. I got a much better look at it this time. But it wasn´t enough. It wasn´t hard. I wanted more.

One day I did the same but this time I was naked too. Almost the same happened. He said sorry and I said it was okay and I didn´t mind. Again … straight back to my own room to masturbate.

I tried a couple of times walking around naked in the house to see what he´d say. He was startled the first time but I was like “Well … You´ve seen me naked before, dad … No big deal.” He got less awkward about it and it became more natural. But still I wanted more. I didn´t even know what I wanted. I didn´t know how far I´d wanna go. Maybe I just wanted to see if I could get his cock hard or something. I just knew nudity wasn´t enough.

One saturday morning I was trying to do the same thing with passing him in the hallway while we were both naked but when I got out he was fully clothed. He had a t-shirt and some old sweatpants on. I asked him if he was going somewhere and he said there was just a couple of things he needed to fix in the yard and a window that needed some paint. Bummer … After he went out I was still all worked up. It sucked that I didn´t get to see him as I had planned. While he was in the yard I just sat watching porn. Then I heard him comming in and turning on the shower. Maybe this was my shot …

I went in to the bathroom saying I was just putting on some makeup. He just said okay. The shower door was all fogged up. I couldn´t get a decent view. It just wasn´t my day. Maybe I could stay there til he was done? I could kinda see him scrubbing paint of his hands and arms so that probably wouldn´t be any time soon. But maybe …

I “accidentally” spilled half a can of foundation powder down my leg. I opened the shower door a bit. I schoked him a bit but I quickly said.

“Oh … sorry, dad. Is it okay if I come in for a bit. I spilled powder all over my leg.”

He was baffled and kinda confused.

“Umm … you mean … now?”

It wasn´t a no so I smiled and just got in as is was the most natural thing.

“Yeah. It´ll only take a minute.”

I got in and stood in front of him with my back against him. He kinda pressed himself into the corner to give at much space as efficient. I got a bit closer and bend over just started small talking. He just answered briefly. I was pretty clear that something else was on hos mind. I washed my one leg and wanted to see how close I could get my butt to his cock. I bumped against it with one cheek. Of all the kinkt stuff I´d ever done this was the hottest. And it was almost nothing. I heard a little gasp from him but I pretended I didn´t even notice it. I bend over to wash my other leg. Just to see if I could do it again. I swear to God … It wasn´t even 10 seconds after I bend over the first time but as soon as I bend over a little I felt his hard cock against my buttcheek. There was no way for me to ignore that. I turned around and his face was all red and he was almost shaking.

“Oh my God, Cindy. I´m so sorry. This is … not okay. I´m so so sorry. I can´t believe that happened.”

dadRelax … It´s fine. It´s not the first time I´ve seen a guy with a hard on, you know. That just happens. And you´re standing in the shower with a naked girl so that´s just something that happens instictively. Don´t worry about it. It´s actually kinda flattering.”

He gulps.

“But … It´s not supposed to happen with … my daughter. My mind must´ve been somewhere else”

I kinda laugh a bit and try to relax the mood.

“Well … You cock doesn´t know I´m your dauther. It´s probably just because I´m naked and pretty right in front of you. That´s not a bad thing … That´s just how it works.”

He keeps denying.

“N .. no. It´s not that … “

“You don´t think I´m pretty?”

“Well yeah … I mean … It´s just weird to think about you as … an adult. And stading here … naked … talking about stuff like this.”

I laugh a bit and say that it must be kinda hard to think about me as a woman when he at all times have wondered about me as a little girl.

“But you know … There´s no shame in thinking about me as a woman. Or that you´re getting hard by looking at me. And if you feel like … you know … masturbating when you´re looking at me now. It´s totally fine. We´re both adults here.”

His cock was pulsating and he almost couldn´t discover the words as he tried to come up with an excuse not to jerk off.

“Well … yeah but … I wouldn´t and … I´ve got … I still have paint on my hands and the skin there is … more sensitive … so I really shouldn´t.”

“Oh, that´s okay. I don´t have paint on my finger so if you want me to do it.”

It was obvious that he did not feel he had control of the situation. It would obviously be more hot if he just took control but me having the control was not a bad thing. That meant I could probably get away with doing some more. But my suggestion made him gasp and he muttered:

“No … please”

Which I intentionally misheard as just “please”. I grabbed his cock and let out a big moan but he didn´t stop me. I started jerking it a bit and asked if he liked it. He nodded.

“Did it get hard when it touched my butt? Would it feel better like this?”

I turned around and bend over a bit so his cock head was gring against my buttcheek as I jerked him.

“N … no. I mean yes. It feels … really good. But we probably shouldn´t do … you know … more than this.”

I turn my head and look him in the eyes still jerking him.

“Nah … Yeah, we shouldn´t do anything that either of us is uncomfortable with. And speaking of uncomfortable … I don´t even think I can stand in this position for that long. My shoulder´s going to cramp up. Maybe it´s better like this … “

I turn around and get on my knees in front of him. I play with his cock and balls while looking him straight in the eyes.

“How does this feel? Is this okay, daddy?”

He´s just nodding. It´s obvious he´s torn in this situation. He´s horny but reluctant. But I´m determind. And I need him to be more into it. I want him to want it. And say he wants it. I want more.

dad? Is it okay if I masturbate too?”

“S-sure … “

I knew he couldn´t say no in this situation. I just wanted him to know I was horny too. I started rubbing my pussy with my eyes closed. I deliberately had my lips so close to his cock head so he be able to feel my breath on it. My lips actually graced it sometimes as I moaned and talked a bit.

Fuck, I´m so horny right now. Mmmm … sitting here … on my kneese with a giant cock in front of my face … fuck …”

He starts moaning too. He kinda bumps his cock agains my lips. Even though I wanna just take it in my mouth I also want him to take control a bit. But I think he´s about ready to get more into it. I just wanna hear him say it.

Daddy? You want me to suck on it?”

I look him straight in the eyes opening my mouth and sticking my tounge out a bit. He doesn´t say anything but he pushes his cock into my mouth. I moan loudly and begin sucking his cock head while playing with his balls. I didn´t wanna take it all the way in. I wanted him to fuck my mouth and take over the situation. And he did. He started thrusting his cock into my mouth with a hand on mu head. This was not him being scared of a situation no more. This was him fucking his slutty daughter’s mouth. I fucking loved it. I wanted to see how much he wanted to fuck me. He sped up and thrusted harder. There was no doubt. He fucking loved it.

“Fuck, you´re good at this. Is this what you wanted? Getting fucked by your own dad? Well, that´s what you´re getting. Walking around naked in my house flashing your tight little pussy for me. I´ll fuck that too. That´s what you get for being such a slut.”

Wow … Well, I wanted more and I have to say that it worked. I got up and kissed him while playing with his cock.

“You wanna fuck my pussy, dad? It´s so wet for you.”

He pushes two fingers up and presses his tounge in my mouth.

“Mmmm yeah … But not here.”

He stops the water and take me by the wrist leading me into the bedroom almost have to run to keep up. He throws me on the bed on my stomach and gets behind me. I feel his hands on my hips as he lifts me up on all four. I feel his cock grinding against my pussy. I can´t believe I´m about to get fucked by my dad.

“Hmm … Such a tight little hole just begging to get fucked. But when I do this it´s mine. Whenever you´re here I get to fuck you however I want. You got that? You´re mine.”

Maybe this was more than I wanted. But I wasn´t backing out. I just nodded silently. But that wasn´t enough for him.

“Say it. Say you wanna be my slut from now on. Prove you want my big cock in your cunt. Fucking beg for it.”

“Y-yes, daddy. I wanna be your slut. Please fuck meeeaaAAWWW FUCK!”

He pushes his cock all the way in. I almost scream but try to hold it back. After three thrusts I can really feel how wet I am. I feel his hips on my ass and his balls slapping against me each time he pounds it in me. He grabs my hips and speeds up. I feel an orgasm comming. A big one. One of those orgasms that leaves you so sensitive after that you´d need a break after. But I knew I wouldn´t get one. He doesn´t slow down and I just feel my orgasm in my entire body. I´m shaking and screaming and I feel my juices run down my thighs.

“Fucking hell, girl. Daddy´s cock made you cum so hard? That´s for being such a tease around my house. You´re gonne get fucked. Your tight little pussy is gonna get fucked daily from now on. And this hole too.”

He spread my butt cheeks and spits between them. Fuck. It has been a while since I´ve been fucked in my ass. And I´ve only done it with guys with smaller cocks. Could I back out now? Probably not. But this was more than I bargained for. All these wondered ran through my head but for some reason the only thing, that came out of my mouth was:

“Yes, daddy. Please fuck my ass.”

He presses two fingers in my asshole to lube it with spit while still having his cock in my pussy. He pulls his cock out and grinds it against my butthole smearing it in my own juices and his pre cum, but it´s very clear it won´t fit. I rams it back in my pussy and uses his fingers again. Now he can three up. After fucking both my holes for a minute he pushes it against my ass again. Now it fits. His cock head slips in. It hurts but I wanna prove to him that I can do it. I push back a bit letting more of it in. He doesn´t push it all the way in. He just starts fucking me more gently letting me enjoying it.

“You like it? You like daddy´s cock in your ass?”

“Yeah … I love daddy´s cock.”

I´m not even lying or pretending. Getting opened by his rock hard dick feels amazing. And I deserved it. I earned it. I had made myself available because i wanted to get fucked by him. I had adjusted to the size a bit more now and started moving my ass back and forth to feel his thrusting more. He took it as a sign of me being ready. He grabbed my hips and fucked me harder and harder. The pain goes away and I can´t help using my hand to rub my clit. He leans in over me and starts kissing my neck and biting my ear.

“Fuck, you´re hot. I wanna see you ride me while you play with your cunt.”

He pulls out and gets on his back. I get on top of him guiding his cock back up my ass and lower myself on it. I begin riding it. Looking at his face, playing with my pussy and having his cock in my ass pushes me against the edge again. I moan harder as I get closer. The second I cum my butt clenches on his cock. He feels that and moans almost as loud as me as he pounds it hard several times before he cums in my ass. I fall down on top of him and we begin kissing. His cock slips out and I can tell I´m leaking cum from my ass. He catches his breath and looks me in the eyes.

“Fuck, that was hot. You know, I wasn´t kidding. I want you from now on.”

This was definately more than I expected. But I didn´t want this to be the last time either. I smile at him.

“Yeah … I´ll be here a lot more from now on. You can have me any time you want.”

He rolls me over and gets on top of me and we kiss for some time as he touches me all over. Suddenly I feel his cock rising again and I look at him surprised.

dad? Are you … ready again?”

He just smiles and nods. I smile back.

“Me too”

NSFW: yes

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