Whorlando Part 1. [publicsex] [Cheating] [male] [female] [21+]

Episode 1: At the Bar 7/14/2019

A normal Wednesday in Orlando usually involved some kind of happy hour with cheap drinks good friends. This Wednesday was no different. The usual hang out is this place called Frost Byte. This time, myself and Jason went for our usual trivia night. The trivia was easy and you can win a bar tab for a future date. While trivia was wrapping up, I received a text from our friend Bridgette. Bridgette was going through a rough time dealing with the breakup of her lost time boyfriend Desmond and her father’s poor health. She texted me to see what we were doing. She usually tagged along for trivia but she had to work late this day. I told her we were just finishing up at Frost Byte and were gonna head to Saddle Up to get a drink and watch some of the basketball game. She said she would meet up and we would see her shortly. Bridgette and I were pretty good friends but she was better friends with my girlfriend Sarah. Sarah was at home working on a paper for college and did not join us on our trivia adventure.

Jason and I arrive at Saddle Up and order some drinks. Bridgette enters shortly after and sat down next to me. She already smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. She ordered a drink and asked us how trivia went. We showed her the bar tab we won and she congratulated us.

 While we sat there watching the game, I felt something slowing moving down my leg and into my inner thigh. I looked down and Bridgette’s had rubbing on my dick over the shorts I was wearing. I looked at her with a startled look as she began to move her hand under my shorts and begin to stroke my dick. Trying not to panic, I placed my hand on her arm and shook my head. I don’t know if Jason noticed anything or if he was really into the game because he didn’t look over or say anything. Thankfully, she removed her hand and smiled as she took another drink. Seconds later, Jason tells us he is heading to the restroom and walks away. I turn to Bridgette and say, “What was that about?” She replied, “it’s simple, I want your dick”. This was not what I expected to hear from her. She then said, “get rid of Jason and let’s have some fun”. I took a sip of my drink and looked over waiting for Jason to return. Bridgette then took my hand and placed it under the dress she was wearing. She had no panties on. My hand instantly felt wet and remorseful. Bridgette then said, “I want your dick and I want it soon.

Jason returned from the restroom and informed us that he was gonna head out. “Early day at the office” he said as he paid his tab and left. Bridgette took another swig of her drink and looked over at me. “What are you trying to do?” she said. I didn’t have a clear answer. I took another sip of my drink and said to her “what are you thinking of getting into”? She suggested we close our tabs and head somewhere else. After doing so, I followed her lead as we walked towards the lake.

I was a bit confused by this as there was nothing but parks and open space by the lake. We passed by a portable restroom for people with disabilities. She looked over and said, “this will do”.  Looking around to see if anyone was looking, she grabbed my hand rushed us inside. She locked the door then grabbed my face. She held on for what felt like an eternity before she dropped to her knees. She unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear down at the same time. She started to stoke my cock, making it hard. She began to take her tongue and lick from the bottom of the shaft to the tip of the head. My body began to shake. She then stoked my cock while she sucked on my balls. She then put my dick in her mouth and swallowed it all the way down. She was doing this rapidly gagging and smiling. She kept stoking and sucking on my dick, while I stood there. She took my hard dick out her mouth and rubbed it on her face. She spat on it and began sucking again this time causing my whole body to tremble. She then took one hand and stroked it while her other hand was in between her legs, rubbing on her clit. She then stopped and stood up. She took her fingers which had been in her gushing pussy and placed them in my mouth. She kept moving them back and forth like she wanted me to suck them. She then lifted her dress over her head and threw it on the sink. She asked “if I was ready” as she bent over and grabbed the handlebar the disabled people use to lift. At this moment, I was torn. I know I should run out of there as quick as efficient, but my cock was hard, her pussy tasted great, and this luscious ass was right there inviting me in. I dropped on my knees and ran my tongue right into her inviting pussy. I licked inside, outside, up and down. I had pussy juices all over my face. I took my hard cock, rubbed it up and down her pussy before finally sticking it in. I slid it in slowly at first, enjoying the moment.  I worked a motion in and out watching as she began to moan. One hand was holding her side as the other began to slap her ass. Left cheek slap. Right cheek slap. I slid my cock all the way in as I bent over and bit her on the ear. I then started to kiss and biting her from her neck all the way down to her ass. I lifted her legs up and put them around my waste as I kept my dick sliding in and out her throbbing pussy. I placed her legs down as I grabbed her hair. I whispered to her “I am about to cum”. Before she could say anything, I unleashed my cum right inside her drenched pussy.  I slid my juices covered cock out and stood back. She fell on her knees and then crawled over to me. She began to suck all the juices off my softening dick. She sucked it completely dry. “I don’t want Sarah to find any evidence of this” she said as she stood up.

Bridgette put back on her dress, washed her hands, and fixed her hair. The whole time, I am standing there with my shorts still around my ankles.  She gathers her purse and kisses me on my lips. She slapped my naked ass as she says, “good game” and walked out the portable bathroom. It took me several minutes to get myself together and realize what I had done. 

NSFW: yes

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