Who says Brits and Americans can’t get along?

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NSFW: yes

Side user account for (semi obvious?) reasons.

I (M28) am fairly active on the internet. Not a social media influencer, not addicted to the selfie life or anything of the sort, but I enjoy posting to my stories and often posting collages of recent events on Instagram. I’m also somewhat regular on Reddit too, but this story doesn’t concern this pocket of the internet (especially us horn dogs tucked away in this corner).

One summer, feeling great in myself, I post a few videos of working out and photos without a shirt. Nbd, right? It’s all you see on Instagram! I’m in London that fortnight for company and I’m enjoying eating out, using different gyms and the rare sunshine (you heard it here, England has rain as much as you’ve been led to believe!).

Middle of the week I receive a few DMs in quite rapid succession from an anonymous user account claiming to have seen me at one of the chain gyms not too far away. I wondered it was a bit creepy but figured that having a public user account and location tagging, what did I expect? This person claimed to enjoy watching me sweat and insisted on meeting me. It felt far too fishy so I told them to beat it. They didn’t take to kindly to my refusal and they replied with a close up Bikini photo holding a piece of paper that said “beat it”.

It was pretty hot. No doubt. A purple bikini so subtly, yet barely hiding what looked to be DD’s. Much like the next guy, I appreciate a great pair. Instantly I grew hard and my heart raced. I tried to tease them into revealing more about themselves. A face, name, anything? No luck. As much as I got was that she was an American tourist in the city for a month. She asked for something in return but better safe than sorry: had to play the beat it card again (and proceeded to do so on myself too).

Intrigued, I visited that gym again at the same hour in the hopes it would perhaps bait said person into revealing themselves. No luck. Until I reattempted the following day.

DM: “I see you’re here again. If I get you hard again I may see you walking around with that dick outline”.

Holy shit I wondered. My response of “you can see with your eyes and feel with your hands” seemed to tickle her mood that day and she dared me to the corner of the room. It was semi public so I felt safe in doing so. I was met with this beautiful brunette, with mesmerising blue eyes. Her tits were barely contained by her sports bra as were her booty shorts putting up a fight against her cheeks.

“You know. I’ve always wanted to do do something risky in public”… after a bit of teasing and back and forth she invited me on a walk outside. London has plenty of places to appreciate the surroundings, especially parks. But we didn’t stop there, nope. A rough alleyway is where I ended up pinning her against the wall and our tongues decided to lock. She insisted on having me against the wall so she could suck my cock and she really did not hesitate.

I was THROBBING. This really was no typical blowjob. She stared me in the eyes whilst maintaining perfect grip from her hands and lips on me. “British guys turn me on so much” and she begged me to cum in her mouth. I was ready to blow and caught hold of myself. Maybe I’ll never see this person again? Do I really want to go the rest of my life not knowing what it feels like to bend her over and pull her hair? To taste her? To make her eyes roll and her toes curl? I exclaimed this and before I knew it, we were in a cab back to her hotel.

Clothes were off, no second thoughts and the baby making was underway. I laid her out and proceeded to return the favour. Pink… Such a gorgeous colour. Even moreso when you’re sticking your tongue in it whilst having your hair pulled. And I can assure you, the pink also had plenty of grip!

Sweat dripped, breaths were gasped for and I left a mess inside her when she begged me for it. Thankfully I saw her twice more; the last of which was my final day in London. Who knew my lovely American friend would enjoy a facial so much?

If you’re reading this, come back again please and whisper that filth in my ear again!

TLDR; met an American tourist during my company time in London by happenstance. She semi social media stalked me and we ended up having public foolery and incredible sex (inclusive of some great tasting squirt may I add!).

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