Who Knew Tanning Could Be So Much Fun? [MF] Part 2

Part 1:

I got home as quick as I could and took a quick shower to clean myself up. Once I was dressed, I scanned over the place to see if anything needed to be tidied up. I usually keep it pretty clean so there wasn’t much to be done.

I checked the time, 9:30. Almost time to head back. I made sure I was stocked with condoms and I was ready to leave.

I parked outside the tanning salon and waited for Steph outside standing beside my car with my arms crossed. Soon enough, she was locking up the doors and walking towards me.

She had a devious little grin on that excited me. She must’ve touched herself up too because she had a little more makeup on. We were both still dressed comfily, not that it mattered because I wasn’t planning on us being dressed for much longer.

“Waiting long?”

“Nope, maybe 10 minutes if that. You ready to go?”

“I’ve been ready since you left” she said slyly and with a smile.

We got in the car and started our way back to my place. I usually drive with my hand on the shifter, even in an automatic. I had my hand there while we chatted and then slowly reached over and placed my hand on her thigh and was squeezing it softly.

Her legs felt amazing, I needed these thighs wrapped around my head.

I slid my hand further up her leg, moving towards her pussy. She shifted slightly, but only to open her legs a little bit more. She wanted this as much as I did.

I could feel the warmth radiating through her leggings, I could tell she was already wet without even touching her. With three fingers I started softly rubbing up and down her pussy from outside her leggings.

Her eyes were closed and her breathing heavy, but we finally parked so for the moment I had to pull my hand away. Her eyes fluttered open and looked at me confused as to why I stopped, only then realizing we were parked.

She just about flew out of the car and beckoned me to lead the way. I happily obliged. There was an air of excitement between us, almost an electricity.

I barely locked the door to my apartment before her tongue was down my throat. I returned the favor and our tongues swirled and danced as we kissed passionately. She hopped onto me and wrapped her legs around my waist as I held up her up by her ass.

Two big handfuls of her ass were just what I wanted.

I brought us to the bedroom and put her down on the bed with me on top of her, never breaking a kiss. My right hand started to explore her body while my left kept me stable on top of her. I had my hand on her ass and slowly worked upward, under her shirt, up her stomach, and right onto her tits.

Her skin was so soft and smooth and smelled so nice. I don’t know if she had perfume on or if she all the time smelled this nice but damn it was intoxicating.

I gave her tits a nice rub and squeeze before she broke the kiss to rip off her sweatshirt. She had a black bra on that she immediately unclipped. Her tits bounced out and I couldn’t help but stare at them for a second. She had small pink nipples on her big tits that just drove me wild.

I ripped off my shirt and with both hands grabbed her tits and started to massage and kiss them.

When I was kissing one, I was using my other hand to massage and pinch her nipples. She was moaning and breathing deeply as I continued, particularly when I moved to suck on her nipples. She seemed to really enjoy that. Noted.

I brought my kisses back upwards, from her chest to her neck back towards her lips. I started to rub my throbbing dick into her pussy and grinded on her while we kissed.

She returned the motions and started moving faster. At this point I wanted to be inside her, fucking her brains out, but I knew I needed to return the favor from earlier.

I moved my kisses downwards and ripped her leggings off as I did so. She had a black thong to match her bra, except these were soaked.

I started to kiss her inner thighs, moving from left to right and skimming over her pussy with my nose with the lightest touch to keep her anticipation high. Each pass made my nose wet and damn she smelled even better down here. I hope she tastes just as good.

I kept this up until she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her pussy into my face. I pushed her thong to one side and her freshly shaven pussy was glistening and so wet I wondered she might’ve took a hose and doused herself.

I kissed her pussy lips and gave her one broad stroke of my tongue up her lips. She took a sharp breath as I did so and she got even wetter. I did this a couple times before sticking my tongue in her pussy, eating her out and sucking on her lips.

She was in heaven, and I was too. She tasted amazing and I knew her pussy would be my addiction. She grabbed the back of my head and starting moaning and whispering “yes, don’t stop please”.

My tongue went up and down in her pussy, sucking her lips, and then bringing my tongue up to play with her clit. I kept this cycle going for a little until I put my focus on her clit. I sucked and licked her clit while I started to finger her. This sent her into new waves of pleasure.

It was maybe a minute before she was starting to shake and grabbing my head even tighter. Her whispers became shouts, yelling “don’t stop don’t stop yes right there yes!!!”

I felt a rush of juices and her pussy contract on my fingers as she had her first orgasm of the night. I kept it going all throughout.

She was still catching her breath but I was already ripping off my pants and grabbing a condom. She took off her thong completely and said “lay on your back, I’m on top first”

“Whatever you say!”

I wasn’t about to fight her on that. She seemed like she knew what she was doing and I wanted her to ride this dick like a merry-go-round.

I laid on my back and she got on top and playfully rubbed the tip of my dick on her pussy lips, teasing me. That’s fine, I had my hands on her tits again massaging and playing with her nipples.

She relented after a minute and I slipped right in, she was so wet there was no pain of resistance. She was tight and warm, I would need to take this slow at first or else I’d bust real quick.

She gasped as she slowly pushed the rest of my dick into her pussy. She sat there for a second, I guess getting accustomed to my size because she said “fuck you’re so big”. She was sitting fully on my dick and she was so wet my balls started to get her juices all over them.

I grabbed her waist and slowly started to pump my dick in and out. She moaned and gasped but soon was returning the motion. She started to meet my thrusts and I picked up the pace, pumping in and out of her.

She forced her ass down and put her hands on my chest, I took this to mean she wanted the control now so I let her. She started to grind back and forth on my dick, slowly at first and then picking up speed. It felt so fucking good, she threw in a couple circular motions too and I was in another world.

I smacked her ass while she moved on top of me. She started riding me harder and went up and down my dick. Between her tightness and her motions, it felt like her pussy was trying to pull the cum from my dick.

She would have succeeded if I didn’t grab her and roll her on her back with me on top. We moved in one swift motion without me ever leaving her pussy. She laughed as we rolled and looked up at me with a grin. It was my turn.

I started to fuck her relentlessly, fast and hard. Her tits were jiggling and smacking every which way as I fucked her. I brought my hand down and played with her clit and this sent her into a frenzy. She started to moan and yell again “yes just like that! Fuck me!”. Who was I to not give the lady what she wants?

She gripped the sheets beside her and bit into them. Her legs started to shake and I felt her pussy contract, she came again.

We moved to doggy and when she was switching positions she grabbed my dick and ripped off the condom.

“I want to feel you inside me, for real”

“You sure?”

By way of answer she got on all fours and stuck her ass up to reveal her pussy, waiting for me to enter.

I’ll take that as a yes.

I slipped my dick back in and continued fucking her hard, her ass now the jiggling one.

She was thrusting her ass back to meet each of my thrusts, my balls clapping against her pussy and her ass clapping on my thighs. It was like a symphony.

I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I knew I didn’t have much longer.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum soon, your pussy is too good”

“Cum inside me baby, I’m on the pill”

“This night just keeps getting better”

I grabbed her hips and thrust harder and faster. I pushed my dick as far into her push as I could and I shot my load right into her warm little pussy. Rope after rope went in and I felt her pussy contract again onto my dick as she orgasmed with me.

I slipped my dick out and some of my cum started to leak out. I collapsed next to her, she laid down with me as we both tried to catch our breath.

“Fucking hell that was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that many times in one go before”

“You’re so fucking sexy and your pussy is *chefs kiss*. It was all I could do to not bust as soon as I got in there”

“Oh stop, I’m not all that”

“Are you serious? Have you seen yourself? You’re all that and more!”

She just smiled and gave me a kiss.

After a few minutes of laying there, I asked her “so, how about that food?”

She laughed “oh did you actually want to eat?”

“Well originally I did mean your pussy but I also figured we could eat something afterward. I mean, we did work up an appetite”

“That we did. Let’s take a look and see what you got”

She got up and only threw her sweatshirt back on, which was beyond sexy and was already driving me crazy. I threw on a pair of shorts and we made our way to the kitchen.

We raided my pantry and started snacking on whatever was there: some chips, some pretzels, munchie type stuff.

She was leaning over the counter with her ass out while munching on a snack. I walked passed her to get us something to drink and her pussy was basically staring at me. I couldn’t help myself.

I walked up behind her and started rubbing her pussy while whispering in her ear “if you tease me like this I’ll be forced to fuck you silly”

She responded by grabbing my already hard dick in her hands and said “is that a threat or a promise?”.

Round 2 was about to start.

NSFW: yes

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