When you’re a 40F fuck toy

I never wondered I’d be what I am today at 40, a slutty little fuck toy for my husband and mmm so many guys. It started out with one guy and I enjoyed it so much. Being the centre of attention and that pleasure. We had more and more, hitting a high of 8. I love the attention, the feeling of being used and passed around, different cocks going in and out of me, taking my holes all at once. The pleasure made sex feel so good. And turning guys on, driving them wild before they fucked me hard was exhilarating.

Last weekend, I had 4 guys fucking me. And me enjoying my blowbang. Making guys hard and cumming makes me feel empowered. And when they can no longer take it and use me for their pleasure turns me on so much. Their cocks using my pussy and mouth. Turning me into a fuck toy. It feels so good.

My hubby kissing me at home, asking what I am? And I will go,”your fuck toy. Your slutty little fuck toy to use”. And he slides his cock in to fill me. I can’t stop. It feels too good being a 40 yr old fuck toy.

NSFW: yes

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