When you just expect to sleep…

Last night we were falling asleep spooning as all the time, holding her tightly my cock resting between her ass cheeks, inevitably growing hard as it feels so good being pressed against her like that but anyway

Instead of adjusting a little so that it presses against her back and we can driff of to sleep, she opened her thighs a little and pulled my hard cock between them.

My shaft parting her pussy lips and the tip resting on her clit she just stroked me from balls to tip while I throbbed and played with her nipples.

I’m almost no time me cock was soaked from how wet she was getting and I was one stroke away from exploding.

She turned to face me, spread wider and started using my hard pulsing cock to rub her clit. Rubbing it faster actually helped me from cumming right away but made her shake with my cock in her hand and when she held it tight and pressed it into her soaking wet pussy I just exploded all over it.

Rubbing it in to her as we kissed.

It was so hot that just the wondered of it has me hard again

NSFW: yes

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