When The Work Is Done [MF]

“This is finished. Do you mind filling it back up?”

“No, hand it here.”

I tapped the bottom of the bowl over the small trash can and then passed it to Erin. Erin set the bowl down on a small wooden coffee table and then picked up her grinder.

“I’m so glad this week is over,” Erin sighed as she sprinkled more weed into the bowl. I didn’t think Friday would get here.”

“Me either,” I said. I leaned back as far as I could against the couch. I had walked in her door and only made it to the floor in front of the couch.”That’s why I’m trying to smoke the memory away.”

Erin and I had been spending more and more time together lately over the past few weeks. What began as a casual smoke session at her apartment after we met through friends took a different turn after we ran into each other at a bar one Saturday night.

Despite hanging out with completely different friends that night, I was surprised when my phone went off shortly after I had said my goodbyes.

E: Are you going home? It’s early!

M: I would hardly call 1:30 early. But yeah, everyone was doing the same.

E: I have a new strain for you to try if you meet me at my place in 30 minutes.

M: Sure, I’ll see you there.

She had jumped me almost as soon as we got in her door. I ended up fucking her doggy on her bed for a shorter time than Ii wanted. But she was more than happy that she didn’t have to wait for me to get hard again so we could switch positions.

An hour later, I was entering my darkened apartment when my phone went off again.

E: Why didn’t you tell me you could fuck like that?!

Right now, Erin put her grinder back in her bag and then picked up her wine glass. The TV was on but neither of us cared what was on it. I absentmindedly decided that I wanted to hear some music. I connected to her Bluetooth speaker and pressed play on The Game Don’t Wait (Remix).

“Turn that down!” she yelled. She brought her finger to her lips. What a stoner. “My neighbors have asked me a few times before to keep my music down!” I did what I was told and brought the music down, “You’re ridiculous, you know that?” She picked up her bowl and lighter and took a slow inhale.

“I may have had an idea,” I smiled and finally joined her on the couch. I picked up my own wine and took a drink. “I don’t know how you drink that sweet ass wine.” She gave me the finger in response.

“This from you and your dry wine?” she rolled her eyes as she exhaled a plume of smoke. She took another drink and then held the cup in her fingers, her rings clinking against the glass sporadically. “You didn’t call me back today. It felt like you were screening my calls.”

“Nah, that was my fault. I got busy and I didn’t have any downtime after lunch. I saw you called, I just didn’t have the chance.” I took the bowl and lighter from her and she shifted back further on the couch.

“Yeah I know,” Erin said as she looked down and smiled, “I just don’t like it.” she mumbled.

“Huh?” I inhaled but I managed that even with a mouthful of smoke. Erin leaned in a little closer.

“I just don’t like it,” she said louder, this time locking her eyes with mine and holding my stare. I gently cupped her chin and brought my lips close to hers. I then gently shotgunned smoke into her mouth. I barely caressed her lips with mine as we broke aside but not before my tongue darted out and teased her bottom lip.

“So was this your plan? Get me stoned and then fuck me?” She whispered. Her hand rested just above my belt and pants

“It was a plan,” I answered and I put my hand on her hip and pulled us closer.

“Good,” she smiled. Our lips met and I squeezed her ass through her sweatpants.Erin had more than a handful and I often told her it was my favorite feature of hers. “There you go. Right to my ass.” Her kisses were lazy but were full of lusty potential. She bit my bottom lip and my hand squeezed her ass harder.

I moved her dark hair away from her neck and started teasing along where her neck ended and her shoulders began. She shivered and dug her nails into my back through my t-shirt. She had ditched her bra when she got home so her nipples were rock hard through her white tank top. She laid back on the couch and I followed, hovering over her as I started kissing her collarbone and following the neckline of her tank.

“Don’t leave any marks,” she scolded as her hands caressed my head and neck.

“I don’t leave marks,” I answered as I took one of her nipples in my mouth through her top. Erin responded by digging her fingers into my neck. Her breasts weren’t as big as she’d like but they fit in my hands perfectly. And nipple play made her super wet. She moaned as I did the same to her other nipple and I could feel her hands squeezing between us, desperate to get rid of the thin piece of clothing.

I obliged and sat up, pulling off my own shirt while she tossed hers to the floor. She wiggled out from under me and pulled her sweats down. I took note that she had ditched her panties when she got home from work too.

Before I could go back to her nipples, Erin was scooting the coffee table further back. She crouched in front of me and started undoing my belt and I quickly discarded my jeans and underwear. I had been hard since she had told me about her disappointment over not getting a phone call.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she licked the tip. She grabbed my cock by the base and took my head in her mouth. She couldn’t get me very deep without gagging but her tongue felt amazing swirling around my dick. She pulled her mouth off me and licked my entire length, not breaking eye contact. When I was covered in her spit, she started sucking my cock again and used her hand to make up for what she couldn’t fit.

“Oh shit Erin, that feels so good,” I groaned. “You look so sexy sucking my dick.” My words must have encouraged her, as she increased her pace. I closed my eyes and tangled my fingers in her hair as she worked. I started thrusting into her mouth, gently, as I didn’t want to ruin everything by pushing too far.”

Erin took me out of her mouth and licked a long trail down to my balls. She started stroking me faster while her tongue took long, slow licks. I responded by thrusting hard into her hand.

“I’m not going to be able to hold it,” I grunted. My eyes were still closed as I fucked her hand. Her tongue on my balls felt incredible.

Erin paused from her slurping but continued stroking me. She pulled her tits directly next to my cock and pointed it towards them.

“I want you to cum all over me,” she cooed. I opened my eyes and seeing her playing with my dick, talking dirty, and her perfect hand technique sent me over the edge. The first spurt hit around her collarbone, with the rest of my cum going everywhere. Drops were in Erin’s hair, on her chin, but some did end up on her tits.

‘Ah fuck,” I sighed as I fell deeper into the couch. “That was outstanding.” Erin was still holding my erection.

“I don’t understand how you stay hard after that,” she mused. She placed a soft kiss on the tip of my dick and then sat down next to me on the couch. She picked the bowl and lighter back up and took another pull.

I pulled myself to a sitting position and took another drink of my wine.

“Fuck, you’re amazing,” I smiled as I rubbed my forehead. Erin blew her smoke in my face and put the bowl back down. I leaned down and wrapped my lips around a nipple, bringing it back to its previous hardness.

Her hand dipped between her legs and found her clit. She used her other hand on the back of my head for leverage and started rocking herself against her hand. Her nipple would slip out of my mouth occasionally but I would use my tongue to bring it back to my lips. Her moans were her loudest yet.

“And you were worried about me playing music too loud,” I teased. Erin playfully smacked the back on my head and withdrew her fingers from her pussy. Her hand was covered from her juices and she took the opportunity to hook her index and middle fingers into my mouth. I licked them clean and then pulled her to me so I was close to her ear.

“Do you want me to eat your pussy?” I whispered. Erin shook her head and put her hands on my chest, pushing me back on my couch until I was laying down. I still had my erection.

“I want to ride you,” she said as she crawled over top of me. The tip of my cock was below her lips and she glided them over my head a few times.

We hadn’t labeled what we were as anything but we were open enough to tell the other that we weren’t hooking up with anyone else currently. So the feeling of Erin wet and warm pussy gliding down my dick without a condom was fantastic. She squeezed me with her muscles as she settled down on me completely

“Aw come on E, no fair!” I whined. My dick shuttered. “You know I just came right?” Erin leaned down and kissed me softly. We were both stoned and comfortable with each other.

“You’ll be alright babe,” she said. She pushed herself back up with her hands and began grinding her hips on my cock. I kept one hand on her ass and the other on her nipple. And pinched her nipple gently. “Oh yeah, right there, play with my tits.” She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she lost herself in her own rhythm.

“That mouth of yours is only making me harder,” I said. She cracked her eyes open long enough to smile at me and then moved her hands from my chest to my knees which were bent beside her.

“Oh shit, it’s even deeper inside me like this!” she said, her voice getting louder. I grabbed her hips and enjoyed watching her enjoy herself. She used her hands to push herself up on my cock and back down, her moans getting louder. Suddenly, she raised her head back up and looked down at me. “Can you reach a phone? I want you to film me coming all over you.”

My phone was in my pants, so I scooped up hers and passed it to her. She paused long enough to unlock her phone with Face ID and then handed it back to me. I opened her camera and hit record. Erin had told me she had been filmed before but never like this. I wasn’t about to ask questions.

She stopped her steady bouncing and started going slower, almost letting me fall out of her before she slid back down to grind into me again. She repeated this move and I was able to see how much she had creamed on me as she went back up.

“Yeah baby. Get everything. You feel so good inside of me, I’m going to cum all over you.”

“Come take what you deserve.” My dick twitched and I tried to concentrate on what I was filming. “Show me how bad you want to cum.”

Erin listened and went back to her faster pace. Her nails dug into my legs and she was slamming into me as hard as she could. Her moans were at her loudest now as were mine. When she slid down this time, she laid back down on top of me, pinning her phone between us.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she shouted. She grinded herself into me hard.

“Yeah baby, good girl, cum all over me.” Erin shook hard and stopped moving her hips. I grabbed her ass and massaged firmly as she pushed her way through her orgasm.

Several seconds later, she turned her face back towards me and kissed me gently. She sat back up, picked her phone off my chest, stopped the recording, and set it back on the table.

“I’ve never actually had anyone film me like that,” she admitted. “We had just pointed the phone towards us before. Fuck, that was hot.” She slowly pulled herself off of me and I moved my legs so she could sit down. “And no surprise, you’re still hard.” She rolled her eyes.

“I almost came watching you through your phone, but I didn’t want to fuck up your momentum.” Erin shrugged and picked up the bowl and lighter again, handing it to me.

“Next time, cum in me. I would’ve probably come even harder knowing I made you cum twice already.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said as I pulled my underwear and pants back up. My dick was finally starting to soften, but Erin was still naked.

“You might as well take those back off. I’m high and I want to make you cum again.” I immediately dropped my pants and sat back down. I picked the bowl up, lit it, and took a long pull.

“Do you think your neighbors heard you?” I asked after holding the smoke for a few seconds.

“I hope they did. I never hear him making her moan like that.” Erin took the bowl back from me and started fishing in her bag for the grinder. “After I refill this, I think you should go grab the lube from my bedroom. I want you to play with my ass some.”

I started coughing even though I wasn’t smoking.

“I didn’t say bury yourself in me, you dick,” she snapped. “But we could try a few things. It looks like he agrees,” she nodded. My cock was almost hard again.

“I’m in no position to argue. Where is it at?”

NSFW: yes

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