When the wife was away

Im 24, im married, and im a dad

Im also a sex addict, all the time have been, all the time will be.
Unfortunately wife has a low sex drive, when we do have sex it is amazing, but it just doesnt happen as often as id like it to.

This particular story goes back about 6 months ago.

I do whatever i can to help release any built up tension. I prefer doing so with my wife, but shes fairly vanilla, and her sex drive is almost non existant, so it usually results in me finding other methods pf dealing with it.

I logged back into snapchat and shot a friend a message.
Id met her on tinder about a year before and wed sexted and fooled around a few times. (She wasnt the first, last or only one)
She loved the fact that i was married and it turned her on even more knowing i was gonna be a dad.

She instantly wanted to help.
But under 2 contitions
1. I dont cum at all for a week
2. I dont pull out.

So i did exactly that.
1 week without cumming.
I was drooling precum everywhere and was practically hard/semi hard perminantly

And then the opportunity presented itself.
My wife was out for the day, she hadnt been interested in any of my advances that week so as far as i was concerned she had her chances.
I sent my friend a message and let her know i had the house to myself, the front door was open and i was waiting.

She sent me a message telling me not to greet her at the door and to instead wait in the bedroom.

I heard her come inside, but she didnt enter the room. She called out to me.
And as i walked through the house, there she was.
Sitting ontop of the dining room table, legs aside, with a bow arounfld her waist and a smile on her face. She motioned me over and i just couldnt help myself, My head was between her legs until they started to shake. And when i looked into her eyes she smiled and said “pump that married cum deep inside me”
I didnt hesitate… her legs were around my waist, ,she pulled at my hair as i bit her neck, fucked her hard and flooded her with a weeks worth of cum.

As i started to pull out, she reached between her legs, massaged my balls and squeezed my shaft saying “she disnt want to waste a single drop”
For a moment i fell back into my chair, looking at this woman who wasnt my wife sitting on the table top, legs spread with my cum flowing out of her pussy, i was admiring my work and she was too.
Slowly she got off the table, knelt down and wrapped her lips around me, she managed to get another hot load out of me and she didnt break eye contact, i was spent, but she wanted everything i had.

She got up after swallowing every last drop, she got up, smiled and said “you should probably get rid of any evidence, wouldnt want your wife finding out and ruining our fun would we?”

I laughed, struggled to get up and cleaned up the cum that was on the table and floor.

My wife came home about an hour later, she tried to make a move later that day, but i simply couldnt get hard, i was exhausted, and i knew if i did somehow manage to get hard, there wouldnt be much of a payoff at the end anyway. She looked disappointed, i simply replied with “ive been waiting all week, I couldnt wait any longer so i dealt with it myself”.

NSFW: yes

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