When In Greece part 4 finale [MMF22-30][lightBDSM][semiforced]

Man number two approaches your face you can see your juices dripping off his cock and you feel your mouth water. You gladly open and let him enter as the driver also thrusts into you at the same time. You moan as you lick and suck on the other mans cock and you feel your self reaching a peak you didn’t know was feasible. Higher and higher your body climbs, till it begins. An earth shattering orgasm that is followed by not one, not two but three more all at the same intensity. Your eyes roll back into your head as it takes all your will power to stay conscious. Then you feel the cock pulse in your mouth you pick up the pace and suck harder working for that sweet release to shoot down your throat. As rope after rope of hot cum fill your mouth you swallow and suck taking care to get every last drop out of this precious cock. As he backs up you lick your lips as you look at the driver. In that moment he leans over and takes your nipple into his mouth and as he begins to suck he starts pumping and thrusting harder. You know it’s almost time but the combination of this primal fucking sends you over the the edge. As you feel his cock pulse and twitch inside you. You feel his hot seed fill your wanting pussy you climax as well. He collapses onto the bed next to you breathing heavily, you can feel his cum running out of you still gapping pussy. You left body can’t take it and you pass out, in a coma of lust and pleasure.

You wake up the next morning to the sun on your face and you laying naked under the covers. You have never felt as rested as this and wonder was it all a dream as you are alone in your room. Then you hear a knock on your bed room door. It’s the driver and his friend with breakfast, coffee, and juice. You take a couple seconds to recount the night smiling you say oh uh hello. He smiles back and responds with we talked it over and we would like to be your tour guides for your entire trip. A small smirk forms on your lips, and you say yes please show me all there is of your gorgeous country. Knowing full well that this trip will be one to make your erotica novels jealous.

NSFW: yes

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