When In Greece part 3 [MMF22-30][lightBDSM][semiforced]

Then as if gasoline was being thrown onto a fire you hear him softly say “eísai i theá mou”. You have no idea what it means but you don’t care those words in his deep voice send lightning through your nerves. The moment comes you feel his breath on your neck and the bed bends down to his weight as he leans next to you. You feel his lips trace your neck as lightly as one would feel a peach with out bruising the fruit. Your heart started beating faster than it already was and you can feel the warmth of your juices begin trickle soak into your panties. He then lightly sucks and nibbles your ear before moving back to your neck. He stops as you start to enjoy it and you feel the bed lift and almost immediately you feel his lips touch your thigh. Letting out a small involuntarily moan you curl your toes trying to hold back this fire burning with in you. You feel his tongue run soft gentle lines up one thigh and down the other. Then you feel his breath above your panties, you can hear him breath in. Knowing he is inhaling your scent, your aroma, your very being almost sends you over the edge right there.

You feel his hand move your panties to the side and you can tell your juices are stringing in between you and your panties. Then it hits you like a train hitting a wall. You feel his tongue tap and circle your clit, and lick up your juices. You climax right then harder than you can remember as wave after wave of bliss crash over your body. The lick slows allowing you to catch your breath, but not fully relax as it teasing, taunting your clit. Feeling a hand expose your breast and then fingers trace your aching nipples. You almost loose your self a second time, but as the tongue enters you, you feel your self explode with lust. The tongue lapping up every sweet drop of nectar your body is releasing. Then almost at once the licking and touching stop. You almost whimper at the sudden lack of feeling after being in such a whirlwind of lust. But you feel him adjust himself. You feel heat approaching your wanting lips and you can tell his throbbing cock is nestled against you. You try to prepare your self but nothing could make you ready for this. As he pushes in and you feel every bump, every ridge, every outline of vein and skin. You climax again. He stops letting you catch your breath, shortly before you feel him sliding in and out of you. You let out a moan in between your breaths, oh god you call out as you are filled with lust.

As he picks up the pace you turn your head in ecstasy and at that moment you feel another hot throbbing cock at your lips. You begin to pull your head back and you feel a hand rip off the blindfold and another go around your neck and grip firmly but not in a way it’s painful. Your eyes adjust to the light and you can see it was your driver holding your neck with hand. His hard cock twitching in front of your face, drops of precum streaming down from the head of his cock to the sheets. Your quickly look down as another mind your very attractive man is below you still pistoning his very large cock into your very accepting pussy. You look back at your driver and as you go to speak he pushes his throbbing member into your mouth. You are so filled with lust right now you don’t care. You gladly take him in to the base making sure you twist and turn your tongue along his length. He looks in to your eyes grinning. This is my friend I was just telling him about you when, you texted me. We couldn’t withstand making sure you had the best service and a true welcome to to Greece!. You don’t care what he has to say. You have lived your life too long to not enjoy not one but two handsome men pleasing you. Filling you, giving you their complete attention. Not that your body would let you argue. Your nipples ached and your pussy quivered and there was now a wet spot under you soaking the sheets. As you taste the drivers precum and lick it clean from his member you have a split moment to think this is just like my books. After that the driver says something to the other man he stops. They switch positions the driver grins at you and says I get to mark your pussy as mine, since it was my car you took.

NSFW: yes

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