When I was f40 my hubs and my best friends husband took all the sons on a hunting trip so we were free on males for a week. Funny thing happened

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She called and told me she has never used a sex toy I was shocked at 40. Said husband missionary only type. She knew hubs and I were sex store regulars (because I distribute to much). She asked if I would go with. I showed her the ones I had and gave comment. She ended up getting the same type hubs bought for me 21 years before. Basic but effective. I bought one has different speed movements and a clit stimulator. Back at my we got into hot tub drinking wine listening to music. Put our robes on and went in house I suggested we try new toys. I was surprised she liked the idea. We sat on the same couch with our robes open I kept sneaking peek at her face she tried to be quiet but failed. Then she watched me finish. She made me promise not to tell my husband. I wish she had told me before I probably wouldn’t do it. I tell hubs everything. We have a rule no sex without each other. I guess we didn’t touch so didn’t break rules

NSFW: yes

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