What’s your fastest meet-to-fuck time? Mine is around 20-25 imnutes. [26F]

What’s the shortest amount of time it took you from meeting a person to fucking/sucking them?

For me it was roughly 20-25 minutes. I was going through my first ever slut phase, clubbing a lot and going out with guys nearly every day. I was at a club, pretty drunk and pretty upset about not succeeding with some guy that I really liked and actually wondered he could be more of a long-run option. Some guy approached me at the bar and we started talking, let’s say his name was Paul. He bought me a drink and we chatted. Unfortunately he was living halfway across the city and I had to be home early next day so gonna his place wasn’t an option. At one point I just said “Ok Paul I’m going to go and use the bathroom and when I’m back tell me what’s your plan.”

When I came back he was still standing at the bar, finishing his drink. When I approached he pointed his finger upwards, towards lodges on 2nd floor of the club. They were empty as it was mid-week and the place was not so busy. I just smiled and followed him upstairs.

There we just sat on a secluded coach and he whipped his cock out and I started to suck it. I then took my thongs off and had him rail me from behind on the coach calling me names such as stupid whore and pulling my hair roughly. When we finished I just pulled my panties back up, said “nice meeting you Paul” and left the place as he returned to the bar for another drink.

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NSFW: yes

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