What Is A Mother To Do?


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***This story was commissioned by an avid reader. Please read with that in mind.***

Kerrie meet James five years ago thru a mutual friend. She was a single, work from home Mom with one teenage girl, Maddie. The girl’s father had run off when Maddie was not even old enough to walk. It left Kerrie to fend for herself. However, she had a very successful consulting company that allowed her to stay at home and raise her daughter. In fact, Kerrie home schooled Maddie thru all 12 years of college. Now, Maddie was taking classes at the local Junior school and living at home with Kerrie and James.

James entered into Kerrie’s life when Maddie was already in 9th grade. Their mutual friend was tired of seeing them both single and set them both up on a blind date with each other. That blind date eventually turned into marriage for the couple. During their first time having sex, Kerrie admitted to James that she had only been with Maddie’s father sexually, and that it had been almost ten years since she last had sex. Well, it turned out that James was not only able to bring Kerrie’s inner most desires to the surface; but, made her want and crave more sexually.

Once they were married and James had moved into Kerrie’s house, James was either bringing Kerrie to a screaming orgasm; or, he was working on becoming the father Maddie never had. They went on movie dates, ice cream runs, lots of trips around the city. James saw just how shy Maddie was with anyone she did not know. It concerned him to the point that he brought it up to Kerrie. James told Kerrie that he wondered it would be a good idea for Maddie to do her high college years at the local public college. He told Kerrie that if Maddie didn’t learn how to interact with other people, she was gonna have a very hard time when she went off to school. However, Kerrie was adamant. She did not want Maddie gonna public college. So, James dropped it and just worked on trying to make both ladies happy.

Unfortunately, James prediction about Maddie gonna school was correct. Maddie excelled at her classes. However, she just did not know how to be a friend; let alone a girlfriend. About two months after she started school, Maddie admitted to her mother that she had her first boyfriend. She was all kinds of excited and could not wait to go out on her first date.

A few weeks later, while Maddie was out with her boyfriend, Kerrie and James had the house to themselves. Something that James discovered about Kerrie was that she gets very verbal and loud when her orgasms hit. And, since Maddie was out for the evening, Kerrie didn’t have to restrain herself. James had Kerrie bent over the edge of the bed and was fucking Kerrie thru multiple orgasms when he caught sight of Maddie peaking in thru the door. The two had forgotten to close the door. In fact, there was a trail of clothes leading from the kitchen, down the hall and into the bedroom.

After the couple had finished and were laying on the bed, James told Kerrie that Maddie had been watching them have sex. Kerrie was unsure how she felt about that. She knew she should have been more forth coming with Maddie about sex. But, she never wondered she would have to have “The Talk” with her daughter after being caught having sex with her husband. Kerrie decided to put on her robe and go talk to Kerrie. James decided to throw on some shorts and go get a snack and watch some TV.

Almost an hour later, Kerrie came back into the bedroom and sat down next to James. “It turns out that Maddie’s boyfriend wanted to have sex. He talked Maddie into trying to give him a blowjob. She apparently did such a bad job that he made her stop. Then, she was so embarrassed about the blowjob, that she wanted to go home.” James knew that this was coming. Kerrie knew that it was her fault that her daughter was the way she was. Kerrie snaked her hand up the opening of James shorts and began to stroke his cock. “How would you feel about helping me teach Maddie about sex?” James looked at Kerrie and replied, “What is it you have in mind, exactly?”

Kerrie told James that Maddie wanted to watch them have sex so she would know what to do and how to please her boyfriend. James was so shocked, he had no words. Kerrie fished his hard cock out of his shorts and took his entire length into her mouth. “And you are ok with her watching us have sex?” James finally got out. Kerrie stopped and looked up at James. “It’s my fault for avoiding this for so long. How better for her to learn what sex can be like than from us?” James really had no words. It excited him and worried him at the same time. Kerrie could tell it was turning James on and made him cum down her throat with her tongue in just the right place. After he was finished and Kerrie wiped her mouth on his shorts, James agreed. “When do you want to do this?” Kerrie filled him in on her plan.

The very next night, James and Kerrie got prepared. James was on the bed, naked and very hard. Kerrie told James that she was gonna get Maddie. A couple minutes later Kerrie walked in with Maddie in tow. Maddie couldn’t take her eyes off of James’s cock. Kerrie reminded Maddie that she could never say a word about this to anyone. Maddie swore she would never say a word. Maddie sat down on the edge of the bed as Kerrie dropped her robe. Kerrie was very fit for her age. She was toned in all the right places and had a set of tits that most 20 year old’s only wished they had. She was exactly James type.

Kerrie got on the bed and explained all the finer point of giving a blow job. She showed Maddie what James liked. But, she also reminded Maddie that all men were different and that she should ask her partner what he would like. Kerrie asked Maddie if she wanted to try. Maddie just a nodded “Yes”. Maddie crawled over and took James’s cock in hand. She tried to replicate exactly what her mother had just done. However, James had to stop her several times because she was nicking him with her teeth and fingernails. After a couple of minutes, she had it down and had James close to cumming.

James told them he was close. Kerrie asked if Maddie wanted to make James cum in her mouth or with her hand. Maddie said hand; but, she wanted to see what it tasted like. Maddie continued to suck James cock for another minute when he said he was about to cum. Maddie lifted her mouth away from his cock just as he let loose with several ropes of cum. Maddie slowed way down with her hand as her mother told her. “When a man cums, the head of his penis is very sensitive. You have to slow down and go up and down slowly with your hand.” Maddie milked his cock until he was finished.

While he laid there recovering from being jerked off by his wife’s daughter, Maddie licked his cum off her hand. She decided she didn’t mind the taste, so she licked her hand and and James cock clean. Watching Maddie lick his cum off her hand kept him completely hard. Kerrie asked Maddie if she wanted to continue or if she had enough for one night? Maddie said she wanted to keep going.

Kerrie climbed up on top of James. She reached down and got his cock covered in her pussy juices before impaling herself on his pole. She explained to Maddie everything she was doing and why. While she fucked her husband, she was explaining to her daughter about the importance of birth control. Young men can cum in a split second with no warning. It was real crucial to use condoms; even though she was on birth control. James and Kerrie went from Kerrie on top, to missionary to doggie. James had brought Kerrie to orgasm with each of the three positions.

Kerrie pulled forward, dislodging James cock from her pussy. Then, she got out a pack of condoms and handed one to Maddie. “Now, it’s your turn. Always put the condom on yourself.” Maddie pulled the condom from the wrapper and began to roll it down James’s hard cock. “Are you sure you want James to be your first?” Maddie just nodded yes and climbed up on top of him. And, just like her mother showed her, she slowly push her young body down his member.

It took several minutes before Maddie could get enough of James inside her before he hit her hymen. “Do it quick honey. It will hurt at first. But, I promise you it will get better.” Maddie turned back to look at James in the eyes and pushed down hard. James’s cock pushed thru her hymen and bottomed out inside of Maddie. She did manage to contain her squeal as his cock broke her hymen. Once she had gotten used to James cock inside her, she began to move just like her mother told her to do.

James felt like his cock was in a condom two sizes too small. It was so tight. But, the sight of Maddie impaled on his cock, holding and squeezing her own tits hard as she fucked herself on his pole was incredible. Maddie was picking up speed as she began to edge toward orgasm. “Oh god. I feel like I am going to pee myself.” Kerrie told her that her that was her orgasm building and to keep going. Maddie was so fucking tight, James knew he was about to cum. And, just as Maddie screamed out that she was cumming, James bucked and erupted up inside Kerrie’s daughter. The two were quite the sight as they were cumming together.

Once Maddie had finished cumming, she got up off of James cock. As she did, a enormous glob of cum fell out of her pussy. Maddie was so tight that the act of fucking herself on James had broken the condom and she now had a pussy full of James’s seed. Maddie started to panic as she wondered she had done something wrong. Kerrie calmed her daughter down and assured her that she had done nothing wrong. That will happen every so often. That was a good example why she should be very selective who she gives herself to.

Kerrie asked Maddie if she had any questions. Maddie replied “No”. So, Kerrie sent her off to the shower to clean herself up. Kerrie saw that her husband was still hard, so she climbed back up on top of him and slowly impaled herself on him. “So, how does it feel to have made both females in this house cum with that cock of yours?” Kerrie could tell he was very turned on by how much he pushed up to meet her thrusts. “I am just hoping you are ok with all this. If I loose you because of this, it will not have been worth it.” It was exactly the correct thing to say because Kerrie leaned down and kissed him. “Oh baby, you are stuck with us. And, ‘Thank You’ for doing this. I think she is going to be ok now.”

Kerrie fucked James for almost an hour before they collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. What they didn’t know was that Maddie, after taking her shower, was sitting in the hallway watching James fuck her mother . She brought herself to orgasm with her fingers four or five times imagining that it was her that James was fucking. Maddie swore to herself that she would feel James’ cock inside her again. She was just glad that her mother had not seen her nick the condom with her finger nail just before she put the condom on James.

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