What I want (vanilla sex)

My Panties are wet, I’m soaking through my jeans. I want to pulled on top of you. I want to kiss you hard taking turns biting each others lips and sucking your tongue. want to feel your hard cock under your jeans I want to begin humping you until we’re both hot and throbbing. I want your hands running under my shirt. Snapping off my bra, I want you twisting my nipples as I unzip you jeans. I want you pull off my shirt and begin sucking my hard hard nipples. I want to slide down your jeans and silky boxers exposing you cock. I begin kissing your cock as you pull off my jeans and underwear. I begin lathering you cock in lube. Your freshly lathered up tip enters me! I MOAN IN YOUR EAR…. Is your whole cock enters me you begin pushing in me and I scream. Your strokes are long and a good fast pace. You get 7 strokes in before I scream your name and cum… I tell you cum in my quick. You kiss me and go three more quick strokes I scream. You moan, I feel your load deep in me. I kiss you and we stay and cuddle naked.

NSFW: yes

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