What I want and need

I’m so desperate to discover someone to help fill me. I’m young and I want someone older to hold me down and force their seed into me over and over again until neither of us can take it anymore for days. I’m on BC but want it removed. I want the thrill. I want the chance. I don’t want kids at the moment until I finish my schooling, but I just know if someone wanted me big and full with their DNA I’d grant their wish for years. I want to meet someone that’ll keep me like a slave and impregnate me forever. I want to never take BC again or ever feel another condom. If I were to get pregnant before I finish college I might not keep it. But I’d wait until the deadline to make the decision, and slowly see what happens to my body until then. Who knows… maybe I’ll just keep it if I love it so much. Or accidentally pass the deadline so there’s nothing I can do… I never want to take a pregnancy test, just keep getting filled daily until I begin to show or have symptoms. I constantly think about getting filled with a man’s seed- it’s all I can think about. Every time I imagine a hard cock in front of me I’d know I wouldn’t be able to help myself put it inside me desperately. I’m aching to be big and swollen and filled. My breasts and clit to become fat and sensitive. I need this to be a reality. I am dead serious. Message me

NSFW: yes

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