What are friends for? Pt. II

Ever since reading that text my dick was semi hard the whole time. I was so ready to just fuck. I could tell Trina was on the same vibe. 3 minutes all the way to the hotel and I’m trying to keep it cool, but here Trina is telling me to feel how wet she is. I loved it. She was distracting me while I drove, making me go crazy just wanting to feel her. 3 minutes to go but still I took my hand off the steering wheel and slipped my hands down her already unbuttoned jeans. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was too mesmerized with what fun she had for me between her legs. I could feel the warmth coming from her pussy, like a space heater. You can just feel how it almost gets tropical as i slid closer and closer to her exotic vagina. Ever so slightly I took my middle finger and just grazed the slit of her pussyWET. I was excited. If her tight jeans let me I would’ve fingered her until she soaked the front seat. All I wanted was to stay and play inside of her a little longer. But as i had to look up to drive so did my hand. Slowly i felt her pussy grip my finger as I took it out slowly. It smelled gorgeous. Almost as if i could taste the sexual energy in the air. It just made me fall deeper into this sexual savage mode. Ready for a night of no sleep. Immediately after I appreciate the moment, I looked at my finger and a gorgeous thin layer of her cum coated the tip. Something so wonderful about the texture so clear and clean. Sticky as ever. I couldn’t help myself and as fast as I could I put my finger straight on my tongue tasting the salty sweetness that awaited me. Trina loved it. I could tell all she wanted to do was feed me her deliciousness. All I was thinking about was shoving my cock in her as I pulled up to the hotel.

Pulling up I had one thing on my mind and it was getting Trina to the room, but as soon as I exit the car we both hear “Trina!” I look over and there Gladys at the entrance as if she were waiting on us. She looked good, in her date night attire. Ordinary Gladys not trying to show off too much but just enough to let you know she loves her body. A shirt that capture her cleavage that made her C cups look like fuller D-Cups. She wore high waisted jeans pulled up so high and tight her butt can’t help but poke out, and a cameltoe so tight the imprint of her fat pussy almost wants to break out of the denim. She looked good, but i was horny mess. So i put my horny mind apart and tried to understand why she was there. She greets me and goes to Trina, she looked bummed and as I unloaded the bags I catch a bit of their conversation. Gladys and her date fell out and in a flurry of frustration she made him drop her off at the hotel that she knew her bff would be.“Fuck” i whispered to myself as i moved my cock around. I was hoping to figure out that Gladys was waiting for an Uber. Anything that could get her away and get Trina out of BFF mode and into the sexual succubus she was turning into on the ride over.

“Gladys needs a ride babe” Trina said. I could tell Trina was irritated by the delay of getting naked and having crazy nasty hotel room sex. Heart broken I had to let Trina know that driving the 3 minutes from the party to the hotel was the biggest risk I wanted to take driving a little tipsy. Let alone 30 minutes to Gladys’s house and 30 minutes back. I was trying to understand every way i can get Gladys home while at the same time can be licking Trina’s pussy. No luck. Looks like Gladys is staying at least until we’re sober enough to drive her home. Frustrated Trina agreed with me and settled on that all of us should go to the room and at least drink it up. Drink until we forget about what was really about to happen in that room.

I couldn’t tell you how bummed I was. Hard not to feel the blue balls creeping up on me. I just couldn’t see any outcome of dicking Trina down while Gladys was there. Since the beginning, Trina and Gladys they never gave me that “friends who kiss” vibe. Trina had never shown an attraction to other women besides a few popular starlets, and without knowing much about Gladys deeply I could tell heteroflexible wasn’t her vibe at all. Which is fine, I knew my life wasn’t a porno, but the fact that i had gotten a hotel and sex with Trina was more than likely out of the window really killed my spirit.
We got up to the room and got comfortable. Trina is in some ultra short shorts, butt cheeks practically hanging out. Big tshirt that showed off her gorgeous little frame. Her legs were so smooth and brown. Looking at her while she changed only led to me imagining the sexual adventure that was gonna take place . I shook off the horny thoughts and changed myself.

We are couple shots in and Trina’s irritation was gone and Gladys’s worry about falling out with her date disappeared as well. As for me, well i was still horny. My dick wasn’t hard but I wanted it to be.. i just suppressed what i could with shot after shot. Drunk we all had fun like we usually do. Crack jokes, good music, and hardcore sexual tension between Trina and I. Gladys never really minded being in the middle of our sexual tension. Things just got more and more comfortable and loose. Loose to the point Gladys started complimenting us and Trina was giving it back. At first I didn’t think much of it, until Gladys said something about Trina’s legs being smooth. It was nice, almost flirtatious. It made my dick jump a little bit but I chalked it up to friends being friendly. The night wasn’t what i pictured but it felt good knowing we could still have fun if we wanted to.

We kept drinking until Trina offers a game. Truth or dare. I’m excited, seems that Trina wanted to spice the night up. We all agreed just to see the cards play out. Gladys was first and she elected truth. Trina asked “do you think my boyfriend is sexy?” Quick and to the point. She didn’t ask for her comment on my looks or my personality. She asked Gladys if I was “sexy”. Gladys looked me up and down and nervously refused to answer. Trina pouring her a shot “Well if you’re not going to answer you gotta drink biiittchh… but Gladys babe I already know what you answer is” Gladys blushed and took the shot. I watched as she tilted her head up and sucked down the liquor and she smiled at me right after. “Wow” I wondered… is it just me or is Gladys looking especially sexy tonight? She had slipped into some running shorts Trina let her borrow, but since Gladys was a few inches taller, those running shorts were full on booty shorts. She kept her legs tucked into her on the chair she was sitting in. Perfectly showing the outline of her vagina. It was so plump.. like a pillow almost inviting me over. At that point I was staring, but it seemed like Gladys knew and purposely made sure not to close or untuck her legs from her body for any reason. Almost pushing her pussy out for me and Trina. It was getting hot but I just didn’t know how to maneuver these horny feelings I had towards these women. Not without risking a feasible fight for violating boundaries. I’ll just let the game take us through the night….

NSFW: yes

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