Went on a romantic date with a guy and I made him cum two times in a row. [F26][MF]

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I met this guy on Tinder and we got quite chatty there so I gave him my number and a week later he invites me to a surprise date.

I was really intrigued about it so I went along with the flow.I met him at the mall and we go in his car where he puts a blindfold over my eyes.

I was getting skeptical about this and even wondered I was gonna get kidnapped but thank god it didn’t happen. He was a really sweet guy so I trusted him and we ended up at a really romantic picnic location.

He had prepared food and everything for us.

And as we sit down and watch the sun go down he gets a little bit too touchy with me so I do the same with him and my hand ends up on his dick

We begin making out right there since nobody was around us and he removes my pants and just fucks me raw and hard thereI loved it so much that I didn’t say even a thing until he was about to nut in me so I begged him to nut on my pussy this time not on it hehe

Like a good boy, he did that so I rewarded him with a sloppy blowjob until he came deep in my throat 30 mins later.

NSFW: yes

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