Went on a beach weekend and had some of the riskiest sex of my life [26F] – Short Sex Story

I went to the beach with a somewhat new fuck buddy, Liam, and had some of the naughtiest sex of my life. We have had sex a few times but we still have so much of that new relationship energy where we just couldn’t keep our hands off eachother.

It started on the plane ride down. He had been teasing me the whole morning, just sneaking in little grabs and whispering sweet nothings into my ear. By the time we actually got on the plane I wanted to just fuck him right in our seats. I settled for not so subtly putting my hand on his crotch and teasing him during the safety video. By the time the seatbelt sign was off he was hard as a rock and was clearly visible through his sweatpants. I knew it was time for me to join the mile high club 😝

I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the bathroom. With no hesitation we rushed to the bathroom. In hindsight people had to notice it because 2 people don’t just get up and run to the bathroom together but I was so horny I just didn’t care. To be honest it was super awkward haha. He tried to pull my yoga pants down and bend me over the toilet but we really did not fit at all(almost like it wasn’t designed for 2 people or something). Eventually he sat on the toilet while I rode him and it felt good enough. My adrenaline was pumping from nerves but it just made it so much hotter. I came really fast because of it, luckily I was wearing a sweatshirt that he was basically suffocating me with to keep my quiet. The risk clearly got to him as well because he “accidentally” came in me not too long after.

At this point the real Daisy came crashing back, maybe I didn’t want to announce we just fucked to the whole plane. So I went back to our seats while I made him wait for a few minutes in the bathroom to come back. I was still crazy horny and wanted to give him a blow job under a blanket later in the flight but he wasn’t up for it 😕

Fast forward and we get to our hotel, I wanted him so badly to just immediately throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out but we decided to have some drinks out on our small balcony. We were on the third floor facing the beach and there was a small path that went right past our room. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got on my knees in front of him and started sucking him and it didn’t take much to get him hard as a rock. He took my lead of wanting to be risky so he stood up and pinned my head to the bars of the balcony’s banister and started fucking my throat. He is pretty big so I was actually gagging and coughing constantly so it took me awhile to realize there was a group of people basically right below us on the path. It made my heart begin racing and I was getting so wet that I started teasing myself over my panties while he continued testing how deep my throat was.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore so I got naked and bent over the railing. The drunk group of people below were still blabbering below us. At first he was fucking me gently, I think trying to not make noise. So I turned and told him sternly “c’mon I want to get FUCKED”. Without hesitation he started really giving it to me, the sound of our skin smacking together was echoing off the walls. Eventually it happens and I see one of the girls look up at us and I could tell the group was talking about it. They started giggling and I could tell the guys wanted to watch. I wanted to give them a show so I started moaning like a pornstar which lasted all of about 5 seconds before Liam shoved my thong in my mouth and held his hand over it to shut me up. Not too long after the group scurried inside towards the lobby so we decided it would be best to finish things up inside.

Luckily both our minds were still racing when we got to bed because we fucked like animals. At one point he had my face mushed into the pillows and was fucking me so hard I wondered he was going to slam the headboard through the dry wall(sorry to the people in the room over). After getting me off twice, I let him cum on my face like a good slut 🙂.

The next day we were on the beach and the risky sex was just a wondered I could not shake….I needed more. The beach wasn’t too crowded but there was another couple about 50 feet away from us. I not so subtly got in between his legs and threw my towel overtop of me. My feet were still hanging out the bottom and anyone could probably understand what we were doing but I didn’t care. At first he was really nervous and was super hesitant but he got rock hard basically as soon as I started sucking. Liam later told me the couple definitely saw us at one point but I had no idea, I was focused on making it the best blowjob. I was taking him down my throat, using my tounge to tease the head and playing with his balls the whole time. I didn’t see it coming obviously but he eventually pushed my head down hard and came down my throat. By the time I had come out from the blanket, the couple had left so I made him switch with me and return the favor. It didn’t feel as risky with no one around but I still got there 🙂.

That night I tried to get him to fuck me in the alley behind the restaurant we were eating at but I think I drained his risk taking for the weekend. So we went home and had great sex in the hotel room like ordinary people lol.

I’m back home now and I still have this insatiable thirst for more risky sex but I need to understand what I could do( feel free to make some suggestions 😉). Liam also talked me into setting up a threesome after we talked about me being bi so I might update on that next week if you are all good this week. Anyways hope you all enjoyed.

NSFW: yes

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