Weird Dream – Abstract erotic dream which I wrote down after waking up

A girl is living alone in her home, which seems to be a little bigger than ordinary apartments and she knows her way around the place.
The girl looked liked a porn star and things seemed to move the way in a porno movie as the girl wanted to have some fun and a friend of the girl tells her to meet someone.

This guy is either a gigolo or mutual friend of her and they meet at her house and next moment they get naked throwing their clothes away and begin making love.
The guy assumed the avatar of Manuel Ferrara (just like a porno movie) and they get straight into the sex part as the girl rides his gigantic manly thing and moans along as she starts feeling the pleasure and pain indulging into this.
After a while, the girl decides to tease him and gets behind him, touching his body and his hardness but suddenly the guy feels another hardness behind him slowly caressing his back and about to enter him!
Shocked at what was happening he turns around and sees a guy now about to fuck him, he quickly steps away, gets his clothes and runs away.

Where did the girl go? How did this man come here? Was it magic? Did she turn into a man?
All these questions lurked the mind of the guy and were unknown.

The guy was furious and wanted to get back with the girl and pay for what she did, but for a few days he couldn’t discover her. Finally after a few days, he finds the girl naked in her apartment again, he was naked as he entered inside aswell.

The both look at each other for a few seconds, the guy inorder to pay for what she did quickly leans her against the couch and pushes himself inside her! The couch begin roaring as the guy fucked her furiously and intensely! The girl seemed to want this and loved how hard he was and started matching his rhythm as she pulled his face closer to him to kiss his lips “did you.. enjoy my gift last time?” The girl asks him as she was getting dominated by his cock. The guy slaps her face and holds her as he was more focused on not stopping and going as hard as he could as he didn’t stop for one second, thrusting harder and faster with each passing minute and pushing deeper with each thrust. They look at each other as they were both close to climax “I want us to cum together” the girl says and the guy nods “now!” The girl yells and moans and they cum as the guy finishes with one final thrust!

NSFW: yes

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