Wow, what a weekend I had with Jesse. From Friday till last night was EPIC!!!
We went to bars and drank so much. People got flashed by us.

What I love about Jesse is she’s not afraid to show her affection toward me in public. She loves to be hands-on 😘. Plus, I love the attention she gives me. She’s awesome.

At one bar, we were. I gave Jesse a lap dance. Due to my feeling drunk, it was one sexy lap dance. I rubbed my tits on her face, then turned around and started grinding on her thigh. At one point, I removed my thong and stuffed it in her mouth.

We even had a crowd cheering lmao, which turned me on even more. We both were enjoying the excitement. Few guys bought us drinks, thinking they would be lucky enough to take us home. Which we politely declined.

After everything settled down, Jesse and I were about to leave when an old school roommate approached me. At first, I didn’t recognize her because I hadn’t seen her in almost twenty yrs. And she looked different; she dyed her hair, gained more weight, and was very curvy in the right places—freaking hottie.

She tells me wow, that was an incredible and sexy dance I did. I became bashful of the compliment. I introduced Jesse to Rebecca.
Rebecca asked if we were about to leave. I had mentioned yes. But she begged us to stay. I said for us to head back to my place instead which she happily agreed.

Once we were home, I kicked off my heels. I was Headed straight to the kitchen. I poured some shots and headed to the backyard.
I brought a small portable speaker so we could listen to some music.

We drank the shots poured more, and played some music. Rebecca and I were reminiscing on our school days and how wild it was at times. Jesse enjoyed the stories we told. Rebecca, all of a sudden, asked what I must do to get a lap dance.

I took that as an invitation and quickly got off the seat and landed on her lap, shaking my ass away. Jesse is getting turned on; she stands behind me and pulls off my dress leaving me naked. Rebecca grabbed my tits. Jesse started kissing my neck. Then I feel Rebecca release one hand while still caressing my other tit. Her free hand was caressing down to my hip, then pulled me closer to her and grabbed my ass

Jesse then grabbed my tit and turned my head towards her, and kissed me. Then I feel Rebecca’s hand touching my thigh, then traveling further down till she reaches my honey pot. Feeling how wet I was, Rebecca massaged my clit and inserted two fingers into me, making me gasp for air.

Jesse went to Rebecca and took off her top, exposing her tits. Jesse then undressed and was completely naked. Jesse took Rebecca’s hand and guided them directly to her kitty. So Rebecca was fingering us both.

I stood up and went in the house and poured another shot and went upstairs to grab a Comforter, went back out to the yard, placed it on the grass, and led them both to the area. Rebecca removed her tights, and wow, what a sexy site she was. She laid on the comforter, and I spread her legs and admired how sexy she looked and buried my face between her legs. Jesse spread my legs and planted her face between my legs.

The feeling was incredible. Eating pussy while having your pussy eaten and your ass fingered. I squirted all over Jesse’s face. Rebecca motioned to Jesse to come to her and licked my juices off her face. Then Rebecca went down on me, and Jesse went down on her. What at night that was. Hopefully, this will happen again

NSFW: yes

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