Weekend with the Sister -in-law – Short Sex Story

The following Saturday, Kelly and I were just finishing breakfast when Kelly’s phone rang.

“Hello” She answered. “Oh, Hi Mary!” She continued while giving me a wink. “Yes I’m good.” She walked to the far end of the kitchen and put her back against the counter. “Yes, Oh I’m sure” She paused while listening to her sister. “No, I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. Yes. Yes I’m sure. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.” She disconnected the call.

Kelly stated back towards the table. “So how’s Mary?” I asked.

“She’s good, wanted to know if she could ask a favor” Kelly replied with a slight grin.

“Oh, do I want to know what she wants?”

“Oh, just you for the rest of today, and all of tomorrow. You better pack a change of clothes and get going.” Kelly urged me. “Looks like you’ll be spending the night”

I stood up and gave my wife a hug and a kiss before she whispered in my ear, “Fuck her as hard as you can all weekend. Okay?”

I made like it was some dreadful assignment “Yes dear” was all I could say while smiling. Then kissed her once again.

I packed my backpack with a change of clothes, not that I wondered I would need them as I was pretty sure that we wouldn’t be wearing any clothes the next two days.

I arrived at Mary’s place about twenty minutes later. I didn’t even bother to knock on the door, I knew if Mary had invited me over, that she would leave the door unlocked. I walked in, and locked the door behind me, placed my backpack on the chair and called out as Mary was nowhere to be seen. “Mary? You here?”

It was a couple of moments before a reply came. “In the bedroom” She responded.

I didn’t need to hear any more and made my way to the bedroom. As I entered I saw her in the doorway to the bathroom. A silky blue, and mostly transparent teddy adorned her body. Her exquisite breasts clearly visible, as was her perfectly shaped ass. The latter pressed into the door frame.

We walked towards one another and embraced. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply and in return I let her. I reached under her teddy and caressed her bottom gingerly. Every nuance of it was there to be felt and adored. When at last she broke her kiss, I picked her up and placed her upon the bed. I lifted her lingerie from the bottom, exposing the beguiling lips that was the entryway to her.

I wasted no time and dove in and began to lap her up like a man dying of thirst. Prying her lips aside with one hand, I exposed her clitoris and fed upon it like no other.

Long, deliberate licks were followed by shorter more playful stabs at her. I did as best I could to vary what I was doing. I wanted her to enjoy this. I wanted her to beg me to stop, I wanted her to beg me for more, to beg for anything at that moment. Her hands were already clenched in the sheets of the bed and I knew that she enjoyed being eaten alive.

Her taste was exhilarating. As she become further and further invested in her euphoria she become more and more wet. Her nectar began to pour forth from deep within like sap from a tree. I could not control myself. I began to ravage her with my tongue as violently as I could. I needed her more than ever. This was like a high that I never wanted to end. I moved my tongue from her clit to the source of her nectar and intruded upon her vulva. Driving deeply as I could, I was a beast. Darting inside her I began to feel her tense up briefly before her muscles began to throb around my tongue.

It was only when the throbbing subsided that I noticed that Mary’s hands were on either side of my head, holding me in place. Her grip began to relax, and she moved from me. As she got off the bed, she removed her teddy and revealed the grandeur that was her naked body. I began to get up but she placed her hands upon me and lay me down upon the bed on my back. She began to undress me slowly, deliberately. When at last she had removed my briefs she got atop the bed, and straddled my hips. Taking hold of my rock hard cock, she lined it up with her pussy before she spoke. “I need you to cum inside of me David. I need your cum”

With that I simply nodded, and she lowered herself upon me. Mary was in control this time, and I was more than happy to let her take control. I lifted my hands towards her breasts and caressed them lovingly. She began to rise again, and then slowly descend. Bending forward slightly, she placed her hands upon my shoulder for support as she began to get tempo for our love making. My hands began to descend to her hips, and then her ass. I was not gonna let go until she got what she wanted.

As we made love, she began to call out softly at first and then louder. “David. Oooh David. This is heaven David. I love this. I love you.” Her breathing became deeper and louder until her very breath was a call for more. She continued to rise and fall upon me. Our timing was near perfect and the intensity grew. Each time she impaled herself upon me better than the last. Soon, I began to feel her muscles spasm around my member and her lustful sighs left no doubt that she was in the throws of an orgasm.

I began to lift her by the hips and then slam her down upon me. As hard as I could from the position I was in. The desire in her eyes was unmistakable and shortly it was my turn to cum. I felt the convulsions from deep within, and began to pour forth my semen deep within her body. Each pulse another dose of myself injected into her. I came for nearly 20 seconds and must have cum in her as much as I had ever cum inside of anyone in my life.

At last when it had subsided, Mary collapsed upon me, kissed me deeply and smiled. “Thank you for that David. I needed that. Now, when we can get you ready to go again, I’m going to have you fuck my brains out.”

I grinned and kissed her back. “Mary, when I’m done with you, a zombie would starve around you cause I’m going to fuck your brains completely out of your body”

Hearing that, Mary wasted no time in switching positions to gobble up my now shrinking penis in order to get it harder once again. With her new found position, I couldn’t help but pull her pussy closer to my face. I dove in upon her snatch and tried as best I could to extract all of my cum from deep within her using my tongue. We were both working each other as hard as was humanly feasible.

Tasting her juices mixed with my own cum was amazing, but not as amazing as how hard Mary was trying to get my cock hard again. It took a little effort but she managed to rouse it to a point where she changed her position and knelt down on the bed and offered up her perfect ass and her hungry pussy. I opted for the ass first.

Taking my now throbbing cock in my hand I lined it up with her tight anal sphincter. I wasn’t gonna bother with lube as I have enough of Mary’s saliva on my dick to slide into Fort Knox. I pressed hard and quickly and in one thrust I had buried the entirety of my 8 and half inches inside of her. She winced noticeably and took a deep breath. I wasn’t done though. I began pounding her as hard and fast as I could. I wasn’t gonna give her time to recover from my entry.

She screamed “OH FUCK ME!” So loud I’m pretty sure all of the neighborhood heard it. And since I was not one to deny a lady’s request. I kept pounding her ass as hard and fast as I could manage. Thrusting deep inside of her. Over and over. At some point I felt her pulsate around my cock and knew she was having an orgasm, but I wasn’t gonna relent. I kept thrusting away as hard as I could. I could swear that my cock was numb at this point, but Mary kept moaning and screaming. I couldn’t stop, not now. I had to push her past her limits and see just how far I could take this.

Her second orgasm came shortly thereafter, and I’m not sure how long after that a third one. I felt her start to tremble beneath me. I hadn’t stopped driving my cock as deep into her as I could, I hadn’t been able to feel my own cock since this began. All I knew was that Mary was having the time of her life and that I was the cause of it.

By this time Mary was laying flat on the bed, Her ass ever so slightly elevated and even then, only because there was a pillow underneath her pelvis. I continued to drill as deep as I could into her ass as though both our lives depended on it. Over the course of time her screams had become moans and the volume had decreased. I began to feel her fourth orgasm clenching around me and her legs began to tremble. I tried as hard as I could to pick up the pace even more.

Mary was all but on the verge of passing out it seemed. She had become nearly limp beneath me, her legs continued to tremble, but they were becoming more calm with each passing moment.

After what had seemed like an eternity, I began to feel a welling up from my groin. I knew that I was finally getting ready to explode within her. I slowed my pace a bit to try and prolong it, but to no avail I felt it growing inside of me, getting ready to burst forth. I lowered my head to hers and whispered in her ears. “I’m going to cum inside of your ass.”

She raised her ass a tiny bit against me as I continued towards the inevitable. With one last thrust I achieved my own orgasm. I could feel wave after wave of cum being deposited deep inside of Mary’s ass. When that had finally subsided I withdrew from her. Only to discover my cock still rock hard.

I rolled Mary over quickly and drive my cock into her vagina. I resumed the pace I had just had within her ass, but this time we were face to face. My member as deep inside of her as I could drive it.

Mary began to kiss me fiercely! All but begging me to fuck her as hard and as long as I could. Our sweat was building on our bodies. We were fucking each other at a frantic pace at this point. I was struggling to believe the fact that I was having sex with my sister-in-law. But it was so good. Mary might have only had a few boyfriends whom she’d had sex with, but damn, this woman knew how to take a cock inside of her.

I’m pretty sure over the course of that session I had at least one orgasm, but I had just kept pounding away at her. My cock was so numb by this point I was running on fumes. I just tried to be like a machine. Thrusting in and out of her as often as I could. The pace would change over time from a slow, methodical one, to a fast pace one where I tried to make her scream as loud as ever.

Besides the moaning and the screaming, yes I got her screaming again, she was begging. Begging me for more, begging me to make her cum, and she even begged me to stop twice.”Oh I can not take it, David stop. Oh God I can not” She said. I didn’t listen to her requests to stop I just kept going . And oh when she came, I know that the neighbors could hear it. I’m pretty sure people outside could hear it. At one point she rolled me onto my back and began to ride me as hard as she could. Rising up to the very tip of my cock before impaling herself upon me as hard as she could.

I really hadn’t had a wondered about how much time had passed before I finally felt the urge to detonate this love bomb inside of her. As I felt the countdown timer close upon zero I grabbed her by the hips and began to pull her down upon me with every chance. That wasn’t enough for her though. She quickly dismounted me, and grabbed hold of the rail in the closet in the bedroom, her ass angled out towards me. I thrust my member deep inside of her pussy while she held on for dear life. Over and over I drove inside of her. With each thrust, her grip seemed to falter as she nearly fell forward.

After what seemed like an eternity, I began to pour forth my love juice inside of her. Pulse after pulse, I could feel my balls squeezing out as much cum as they could muster and deposit it deep inside of her. After the pulsing had subsided, I withdrew myself from within her. We both made our way to the bed and collapsed onto it.

The last thing I remember was looking at the clock and realizing we’d been fucking each other for almost an hour and a half.

When I finally awoke I gazed over at the clock. It seemed a couple of hours had passed. It also seemed that I was hard as concrete again. Conveniently, Mary was still next to me and on her side. I slowly turned over to the night stand next to the bed where Mary had a bottle of lube. And though we might not have needed it the first time I entered her ass today, I sure as hell wasn’t gonna risk getting back in that ass without it. I opened the bottle and covered myself in an abundance of lubricant. Slowly, I made my way back to Mary, she was still asleep. That wasn’t gonna stop me. I knew if she was awake, she’d be trying to same thing with me.

I got into a position where I was lined up well, and grabbed my cock and placed the tip against her asshole. Surprisingly, very little pressure was required to penetrate her sphincter. I slid easily inside of her, until at last, I could go no further. Mary had taken all of me in one thrust. And the fact that it was in her ass was that much more exciting.

The moment I entered her, I began to feel her stirring. But I was committed to the act. I began to thrust. Slowly at first. And as she woke up, Mary began to howl with delight. She begged me, she pleaded with me to fill her with my cock. She moved to a position very much reverse cowgirl and began to drop herself upon me. Her moaning becoming more and more needy.

I knew from my experience with my wife that being woken up by having my cock thrust into her was one of her favorite methods of being woken up, and I hoped the same held true for her sister Mary. Based on how vigorously she was impaling herself with my cock, I would say she was enjoying it quite nicely. She continued to raise herself slowly until just the tip of my cock was inside of her and then dropped down, letting gravity take hold.

I watched as this continued. Her ass rising up, and then dropping back down upon me. Watching the whole of my cock disappear within her. We continued like that for another couple of minutes before I pushed her off and flipped her over onto her belly. I lined my cock back up against her asshole and pushed my way back inside of her. With her prone like this, I was able to thrust away without resistance. Her ass all but inviting me in.

I pressed her down against the bed as I began pumping my cock deep inside of her ass. Thrusting repeatedly, her moaning began to amplify. With her body pinned underneath my own, I just moved my hips. Withdrawing my cock and then plunging it as deep as I could. Over and over again. She was moaning intensely and would pause rarely to catch her breath.

Mary began to shudder beneath me. I knew she was coming as hard as she had ever cum before. Trembling beneath me like she was just turned me up another level. I was thrusting harder than ever. And within less than a minute she had another orgasm even stronger than the last one. There was no part of her body not quivering beneath me. I loved it. I had her wrists pinned down by my own hands and her legs were pushed apart by my feet. I didn’t stop, I couldn’t stop. Not knowing that there was more.

I continued on and sustained my pace. In and out over and over. My cock was completely numb and that didn’t matter to me. All that mattered was that I kept her orgasms coming. Keep her trembling and moaning while fucking her ass as though it was the only thing that mattered in the whole world.

Pounding over and over again, Thrusting my cock to the deepest parts of her ass, It’s grip around my cock was unwavering and I rewarded her by not stopping.

Finally after what had seemed like an eternity, my balls let me know that they would be erupting soon. I slowed the pace down a bit to try and prolong this heavenly delight. This helped, but only briefly. Soon, the time was upon me and I thrust as hard I could a few more times before I felt the wave of release upon me. I plunged one last time as deeply as I could, and shot forth my sweet goodness into the depths of her bowels. Wave after wave of my semen burst forth from my cock. When at last it subsided we both collapsed to the bed. The sheets were actually soaked from our sweat. And we couldn’t speak for several minutes from being out of breath.

Mary spoke up. “Well I should take more naps. Damn. That was amazing.”

NSFW: yes

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