wedding after party

After my wife and I’s wedding, we all went to a bar for the none family after-party. The Mrs had changed into a comfortable white dress with a ton of cleavage and white strappy heels. The Mrs 34 DDDs are already nice looking, but the dress really squshed them together for that pop. She wore her hair in a ponytail and still had the make-up from the wedding.

All my friends were dancing and drinking. The wife even danced with a few of them, and seeing her grind on their crotches, their face go, oh shit, was funny. Mrs also danced with a few random guys but mainly kept to my buddies.

After a while, Mrs got really drunk, and I noticed she was slipping out of her dress. After a few quick motions on the floor, her nipples peeked out. It wasn’t long before she had a full nipple slip, and nobody said a word. So I let her continue having fun while her brown nips were displayed for everyone to see. She noticed about 30 minutes later she was flashing everyone the goods. Emma was too drunk to care much and few strangers did get some ass grabs and tit squeezes in.

NSFW: yes

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