We ran a train on her. She loved it.

When I was in the military, me and three of my friends gangbanged a girl from our unit.

Nineteen years old, short, redhead, bubble butt, right out of bootcamp and horny as fuck.

She came to our barracks room, had one beer, and the panties came off quick.

We took turns doubleteaming her all night. One of us would get her pussy, the other would get her mouth, then we’d switch.

Went through a whole box of condoms… shit was wild…

Her pussy was gushing, she loved getting used, couldn’t get enough.

Girl sucked a mean dick too…

She left early in the morning with cum in her hair. Walked bow legged from the pounding we gave her.

Shout out to all the barracks bunnies out there getting it in.

NSFW: yes

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