We hired a pro for an erotic massage

I’ve had a few messages about this.. so I wondered I’d write a story. Since I’m pregnant now and am remembering all of our crazy stories from before the bump.

We were looking for a place to get happy ending massages for both myself and my husband and posted on a few places online including reddit for the same.

Anyway, we failed miserably at finding an establishment that would do that so we decided to hire an escort to come to our place to do this for us. It was comfortable at home and made it all a little less strange.

Anyway we had a few drinks, and after some debating, we picked a latin woman to massage us. We got a few no responses due to me being involved. Some only cater exclusively to men.

An hour later she was on the way and quickly arrived at our apartment.
She was dressed in a very sexy dress with her big boobs on display.

We went to our spare room and all took off our clothes. She started to massage my back as my husband looked on. She oiled me up and would rub her boobs along my back and paid special attention to my upper legs. I was starting to get turned on when she started on my husband.
He was already rock hard, and she gave him pretty much the same treatment.i could see him adjusting his cock under himself..

When she came back to me, she asked me to turn around and started to massage my front. She played with and massaged my boobs as I felt hers rub on my stomach and could feel her hard nipples along belly button. I was getting very wet and she would tease me rubbing my upper thighs.
My husband was on his side watching all of this and had started gently stroking his cock.

When she moved to him she gave him pretty much the same treatment, but was lightly biting his nipples also, something new for him but he loved it.
She held his cock while doing this but really didn’t move much. He was so hirny I remember him thrusting her hand. Which I loved seeing.

She eventually moved back to me, sucking on my nipples and then slipped a finger inside me. And my god was I wet. I pushed into it. I wanted her so badly.. between seeing her with my husband and getting off on his hornyness as well as the attention I was getting.

As she was playing with my clit my husband had moved closer and started kissing me. It was a deep sexy kiss and I grabbed his head and pulled him close.
She took his cock in her hand and was rubbing us both at the same time.

She moved up to us and next thing we know we are in a 3 way kiss with this woman and hands are going everywhere. She moved down and started to suck my husband off.. I kissed my husband deeply and then went down and joined her. This was the first ‘double blowjob’ my husband had gotten even though not our first time with another woman.

She started kissing me again and then started to kiss down on my body.. next thing I know she is between my legs going down on my and she was a fucking expert.

My husband adjusted his position and put his cock into my mouth again. I was in heaven. He said he loved the visual also.

What was supposed to be a teasing happy ending massage was now a full scale threesome.. my husband got a few condoms and lube. While she went down on me he slipped into her. He said she didn’t actually feel that amazing but what I was looking at was hot.

After I had cum, he removed the condom and put his cock in my wet pussy. He kissed her while he fucked me. Then we did another 3 way kiss while he fucked me.
Eventually while I was sucking on her nipples and my husband was fucking me he came deep in me.
We asked her to go down on me again but she drew the line on that. She just got a towel and cleaned me up..
After that she had a quick shower and took her money and left.

So it didn’t go as planned but it iwas super hot. We went out afterwards to a bar and I was eyeing up every woman there to bring home for another session. However nothing more materialised.. we did go home and fuck like rabbits however.

So to sum up couples happy endings in dubai are available through escorts, but you might just end up in a threesome.

NSFW: yes

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  1. WeJustDid46

    Sounds like a fun time. It’s a shame you/we can’t find someone to accommodate our needs and fantasies.

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