We [F] matched online, and less than an hour later, he fucked me [22F]

Hello, folks! I just wanted to distribute the most exciting moment of my life. When I was using my phone to swipe yesterday in class, an extremely tall German man matched with me. He was so adorable and self-assured when he asked if we could get together that evening for drinks.
Because my libido is so strong, I simply went for it! He was extremely surprised when I proposed we meet after class at a coffee shop downstairs from my flat! He was probably taking a break from his home office job to see me.
Less than 20 minutes later, while I was waiting outside the coffee shop, I spotted him approaching. He had sunglasses on and his hair was well groomed, and it was a warm day. I just knew I was gonna have him screw my brains out.
He grinned and opened the door to the coffee shop for me, but when I informed him I had coffee at home, he agreed it was a more cost-effective option. I buzzed him into the lobby, and as we rode the elevator up, I just inhaled his scent. He was significantly larger than I was.
We briefly flirted and discussed our favorite positions as soon as we arrived at my apartment, when I turned on the coffee maker. He asked if he could kiss me before the coffee was even done, sat in his lap, and we played about for a while.
I seized his hand and led him into the bedroom since I could no longer wait. I pulled his trousers down and simply gaped at his cock. It was by far the largest I’ve ever seen, and I took my time to make sure I thoroughly wet it so that I could walk on it the next day.
He requested to suck my ass, but I was too willing to say no and instead begged him to gently fuck me, which he did. He was just poking his head repeatedly inside and outside when I arrived practically immediately. I informed him that if he wanted to push us farther, I was eager to do so.
It was absolutely the finest sex I’ve ever had, and I believe it’s a tale I’ll be telling to my girlfriends for years to come. He assured me that he would be there anytime I texted him when I asked if he could come over after class this week.

NSFW: yes

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