We [F] continued our game with an old friend last night in my parents’ bedroom [21F]

It feels so liberated to do whatever behind my parents’ backs. They had been on vacation for a few days at this point, so I invited my friend over. Since we became friends four years ago, there has at all times been more between us. When we finally gave in to our desires, we started kissing.
I brought him back to my parents’ bedroom, where things became hot. I decided to give him a little taste of what he could have since I could see he was becoming rather heated. I crouched down and used my lips to seize his cock. He tasted so good, and I could feel him becoming harder with each strike.
I reached out to touch his balls, but he stopped me. He said that his desire was to inhabit me. I was now so wet that I was unable to say no. I was pushed onto the bed, and he entered from within. It felt great to finally be able to contain him. We had a horrible time with one another before he penetrated me. My want for his dick becomes greater every day.
I want to see him again right now. I’m certain we’ll take benefit of every chance moving forward to achieve this. What actions do we should do next?

NSFW: yes

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