We Broke the rules but we couldn’t stop it happening



Well we blew those two rules out of the water. She was a naval officer and I was a Petty Officer and we couldn’t stop them chemistry between us. She had been sent to my department to learn about what my team did and learn to operate the equipment we used and I was her instructor as I was head of the department.

She was short, slim, dark haired, dark brown eyes, small but very perky tits and from a rather well to do family. She was to keep watches with my team which meant me being on watch with her. We played in the same Volleyball team and I guess yes there was a friendship developing between us but nothing to suggest that things would get how they did. I used to enjoy seeing her in shorts and a vest top but then so did a lot of the guys. Things though would change one night when we were in port.

I was in my office catching up on paperwork, my office was well away from any heavy traffic area of the ship in fact the only people who went up there were my team. Entrance to the office was restricted so knocking and waiting at the door to be let in was a rule. SO when a knock came on my door it was a bit of welcome relief from paperwork, when I opened the door there was Tina in her uniform with a folder in her hand. She asked if I could go through some stuff she was struggling with and I agreed.

We had been going through stuff for an hour and I had just made coffee and we were chatting about this and that when our hands touched, instead of moving away she instead wrapped her hand around mine and before I realise we were kissing passionately, I guess knowing we couldn’t be caught as the outside door was locked helped the situation. As we kissed I began to unbutton her shirt, opening it up a revealing a white lace bra hiding to tiny orbs. She removed my shirt and began to kiss and suck my nipples making my erection painfully hard, I put my arm around her and unclasped her bra, she removed her shirt and her bra to allow me full access. Her tits were gorgeous her nipples whilst small were perfect. I stood her up and removed her skirt and panties then sat her on my desk, I spread her legs and began to suck and bite her clit whilst pushing a finger inside her, she was moaning loud her pussy beginning to get wetter and wetter. A knock on the door stopped us I placed my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I figured we should get this done pretty quick. When I felt the coast would be clear, I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed, she wrapped her legs around me and bit into my shoulder, the harder I fucked her the harder she bit me. She was already cumming and I was close, another knock on the door made us stop again, I figured that whoever was at the door probably heard us and started fucking her hard again, this time her nails and teeth were breaking through skin I could feel it. Then it happened, the first time ever for me that me and a partner orgasmed at the same time, what an experience, she moaned so loud I I filled her and she came at the same time. We held each other my cock and her pussy still pulsing, kissing passionately until finally I pulled out. She couldn’t stand straight away her legs had gone. I held her and we kissed some more. She wanted to go again but with two knocks on the door already it was too risky. I made sure the coast was clear then let her leave the office. I sat down and smiled to myself knowing it shouldn’t have happened and knowing it would happen again.

I had pretty much forgotten about her biting and scratching me until I went for a shower, as I walked in a couple of guys saw me enter. “I thought you weren’t going ashore” I told them I hadn’t been. They told me to look in the mirror. Both shoulders were a mess and you could see teeth marks, my back had long scratches either side of my spine with blood showing. “You need to be careful and not get caught it would be bad for both of you especially Tina” They had figured there was something between me and Tina but they wondered it was just a professional friendship, my wounds told them otherwise even though they didn’t know for sure it was Tina I had been with. We managed to hide things for 3 months then one day we got just a little careless. She left the Navy shortly after we got caught, she wasn’t forced out she just got tired of rules apparently.

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