Watching my friends have sex

We all sat in the living room area, drinking, watching Netflix and joking around. We started talking about videos and such, when Tim got up and went into the bed room a few feet away and grabbed his laptop. He brought it back in the room and started playing porn videos.

At first well all laughed and joked around about the vidoes, but a few minutes later, we all were pretty quiet and intently watching the laptop screen. Even though most of my body was pretty numb from all the beers I’d had, I was very aware of how horny I was becoming. My mouth seemed very dry. I leaned over to grab my bottle and noticed, out the corner of my eye, Tim and Regina heavily making out behind me. I felt like I was intruding, so I turned my attention back to the laptop.

As I watched the video, the couple on the screen were going at it like teenagers, I could hear my friends getting more into themselves . Regina’s moans were getting louder, and I just couldn’t help myself. I looked back over to them and was shocked to see that Tim had taken off Regina’s jeans and panties, and was eating her out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing just a few feet away! Regina’s eyes were closed and her hands were playing with her erect nipples through her t-shirt . My eyes wandered down her body to where Tim was.

Her breathing drew quicker, and in seconds I watched as my friend had a powerful orgasm. I quickly looked away, afraid Regina would catch me watching. I could hear some movement and smell the sweet scent of sex. My curiosity got the better of me at that point and I had to look over again.

Just as I had wondered, Tim was positioned between Regina’s legs. He had taken off all of his clothes and was thrusting into her. I was a little embarrassed, but very turned on, and getting more so by the second. I started to look away again, to turn my attention back to the laptop, but it was too hard not to watch what was happening next to me.

At this point I couldn’t look away. My eyes were glued to the exciting site before me. I could actually feel my dick throbbing, aching to be touched. Tim stopped moving for a moment, long enough to put Regina’s ankles on his shoulders, and then resumed thrusting into her. With every push inward, her body jerked upward just a bit, causing her full breasts to bounce invitingly. Her eyes were still closed and her moans were like music. Regina had such a gorgeous sound when she was making love. I thought how it would feel to have my penis in Regina’s hands as Tim was pounding into her.I had never done anything with the same sex before, but I was so turned on at that moment that everything was exciting.

Tim picked up his pace. He thrust into Regina two more times, and held the third. His dick buried as deep as it could go into Regina’s tiny slit, he moved his hips side to side for a second and emptied his seed deeply into her with a long low groan. Regina let out a small sigh and passed out completely.

I was so embarrassed by how hard my dick was at this point I didn’t hardly move from my spot in the chair. I pretended to be asleep as Tim packed up his laptop and went to clean up. When he left the room I glanced back at Regina again, and she was still laying there exposed with Tim’s fluids leaking out of her. I remained quiet as Tim came back and got Regina up to clean herself up before bed.

The next morning Tim asked me why I passed out while the porn was on. I just played it off and acted like I was too drunk and tired to stay awake. I wonder if he was hinting that he was hoping someone would have been watching him and Regina? Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to try and join in.

NSFW: yes

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