Watching a bull fill my GF with a twist!


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Last week me and my GF decided we wanted to spice up our sex life a bit. I told her it would be ok if she wanted to add another person into the bedroom, male or female. She agreed and downloaded tinder and started the search.

She set the age range to 30-50 (We’re both 26) and we came across a few men in their 40’s that she liked the look of, she sent a message asking if any other them fancied filling her up whilst I watched. One agreed and sent us his number, she jumped on FaceTime with him whilst I was sat in the background. I listened to them exchange words about how it would go down.

Now she’s a bit of a lover for thick cock, so she asked to see what he was packing, 7” uncut and a fat tip. She didn’t hesitate to tell him to come over for the night. 40 minutes later he’s here and we invite him in and begin having some drinks to set the mood. He’s sat on the chair next to her with his arm around her and she’s got her hand on his lap. He leans in for a kiss and they begin tonguing each other. He sits forward and puts his drink down and she does the same. I’m sat on the single chair in the corner of the living room watching this all unfold, hard as fuck in my jeans.

Fast forward to about 5 minutes later after necking on she gets on her knees and pulls his shorts down, he went commando the cheeky bastard😂 it flops out and she gives a cheeky laugh and starts sucking him instantly. He’s rubbing her head and forcing it down on his cock, she’s choking, gagging. I’m sat stroking my cock whilst this is happening, he looks over to me and says “come take her pants off”. I oblige, I get behind her and begin sliding her jeans off whilst she’s jerking his cock and kissing him. He tells me he’s going to fuck her whilst she sucks me. He picks her up and bends her over on the end of the sofa, I position myself near her mouth and begin slowly fucking her mouth.

He starts rubbing his tip against her pussy, with a mouthful of my cock she moans. He slides it in and she jumps forward in shock as he starts hammering her hole. She pushes my cock out her mouth and tells me to watch. They move to the sofa and she climbs on top of him bouncing on his cock hard. Im sat watching, jerking it harder than ever.

He looks at me and says come and lick her arsehole, I’m a bit hesitant and say “but I’ll be probably be licking your cock as well”

He said “well it wouldn’t do any harm would it”

I go over and begin licking and fingering her arse, every thrust I can feel his cock tense up, I lick his shaft as it slides in her pussy. He moans and says “don’t forget the balls” I give them some attention and she starts moaning that she’s going to cum. As she’s cumming he lets out a big moan and his cock slips out of her.
I grab it and suck his tip and then place it back inside of her, he starts thrusting and pounding her before shooting a load inside her. She pushes it out and makes me lick it off her fingers, whilst jerking me to make me cum. I shoot my load on her arse and he grabs my cock and slides it inside her. “Feel how loose she is now” he says.

He spends the night and I sleep on the sofa and listen to him destroy her again through the night. We’ve hosted him 2 other times since this meeting each being dirtier than ever.

NSFW: yes

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