wanted to cross the country by using my mouth, ended up barely crossing a couple state lines [24F]

I had realized that my love of sucking cock set me aside from the other girls I knew. I just couldn’t get enough. Cocks are so gorgeous, no two the same, and guys seemed so grateful to have theirs sucked.

I got invited to parties, and weekends away, I made (guy) friends, I never once had to pay for weed or alcohol. As a fourth year, I had a boyfriend again. He said he’d never cum from oral and then when I could do it, it’s all he wanted. He really liked keeping his cock in my mouth during a movie. Until suddenly he didn’t. He broke up with me because he didn’t like “my obsession” as he put it.

And so that summer I was feeling reckless and silly and heartbroken, like maybe it’d be hot and adventurous to hitchhike across the country. I bought a taser and a cell phone (this was a while ago, people didn’t all have cell phones). I told a guy I was friends with my plan, and he said he’d check in on it every once in a while and make sure I was okay.

My first ride was a nice guy who took me as far as a diner and then tried to convert me in the booth.

That’s when I met Tim.

Tim looked like he’d grace the cover of Hot Trucker magazine if there was such a thing. Strong nose, wide frame, hairy arms, tall and thick and stretching his faded blue t-shirt to the limit. His red hat said “HEFTY” in gold lettering, and of course that made my eyes head straight to his cock, the outline of which was very visible in the jeans he was wearing.

I tried to act coy but it didn’t last long. “Blow you for a ride,” was out of my mouth before I even said my name. “I’m trying to make it cross country. None of my friends think I can.”

And he smiled and said I could hitch a ride with him. We rode in silence for a while. I’d lost my nerve. I was in short jeans shorts and a bandeau top that only just covered my little tits. I had hair like Thora Birch in Ghost World, a lime green Jansport backpack, and I was wearing doc martens. He kept looking over at me in the seat and I felt very small in that big cab, so high up off the road.

He said he didn’t go all the way across the country with his payload, just to a distribution center, but he’d get me someone else once we got there.

And then after a few silent moments he said, “you said something about a blowjob.”

I had. There was actually plenty of space for me, the way the bench seat and the wheel was set up. I laid across the seat and got his cock out, and he rested his hand on my ass. “Take your time,” he said. “It’s a long drive.”

I seriously love that directive. My favorite blowjob to give is one where I don’t have to make the guy cum as fast as I can, but instead I get to just enjoy his cock, see it grow and leak and feel it hot against my face, slap myself with it, kiss it, nuzzle into the balls and get lost licking those.

When he finally did cum, it was a long one. He pulsed for ages, and the angle is extremely bad for swallowing, so I just had to pull it out and let it pulse more into my hair. I sat up and he gave me a bottle of water.

He was kind of marveling at me, a thing I also really like. I love how unexpected it is for a guy to discover a girl who just loves sucking dick. It’s probably why I got into it at all. He asked if I’d put it back in my mouth while he was driving and I did just that. He turned on the radio and about 2 hours later, I was sucking his hard cock again, leaking it all over my cheek.

It was like that for two days. I’d just play with his cock in my mouth and we’d take a break for diners with his cum in my hair. We slept in the back of the cab, and he fucked me before we fell asleep.

On the third day, I got a call from my friend, checking up on me. I said everything was fine, and told him the last city I had seen the sign of, asking if he’d tell me what state we were in.

And that’s when he told me that we were basically 15 miles away from my school.

I hung up the cell phone and he clearly saw on my face that I’d figured him out. He’d figured I wasn’t paying attention to where we were, too focused on him and my eyes on his lap. He’d made his delivery and turned around and his notion was I wouldn’t notice. And he was right. I’m never one for paying attention in a car if I’m not driving. I just figure we will get where we are going.

He dropped me off in the parking lot where he found me and thanked me for a lovely weekend. And he told me I should probably stay away from truckers, advice I took. I canceled my cross country road trip and got a summer job.

NSFW: yes

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  1. 1979idontcare1979

    I feel the exact same way about eating pussy. None are the same. They are all beautiful and deserved to be sucked and locked. Fingered and fucked! We should chat!

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