Walking my friend to her car. – Short Sex Story

So this is more of something that happened on my birthday more than a confession. But it does begin with one.

So before I mention what happened something you should know is this friend of mine is in my close group of friends. Me and her along with around 8 more guys and girls all hang out at all times. The thing is we’re all cool when we’re around each other in person, but on snapchat we are sluts for each other. None of our friends know it either and we don’t give it off in person. But when we’re on our phones in private we’ll be sharing nasty pics and videos at all times.

Once while some of the guys and I were having a gaming night she messaged me asking what I was doing, I told her the situation, and her reply was a topless selfie reading “you should to to the bathroom then”. So of course I purposely lose my match to hand the controller off to the next person so i could go into the bathroom to snap myself rubbing one out for her as she snapped me videos of her playing with her gigantic tits and fingering herself to the naughty things I was telling her. We’ve even messaged dirty talk to each other while we’re hanging out in our group of friends yet the most you’d see from us would be a glance at each other and a smirk.

So even after plenty of occasions like that we talked about it and she said not much if anything would happen in person between because we’re close friends and she thinks it would be awkward. I’ve tried reassuring her, it wouldn’t and how great I think it could be but was all the time shut down.

So fast forward to my birthday this passed year. The whole gang was there along with a bunch of other friends. We had a big old BBQ and everyone was taking shots and playing all shorts of drinking games. One by one guest began to leave late in the early morning hours, meanwhile throughout the night We’ve been messaging each other flirty things back and forth. I noticed she stayed later than she usually does and figured she was just having a good time as we all were. So eventually it came down to the last two friends to leave. We were all pretty drunk at the point. To the point where we were out right being flirty with each other in person. I walked both her and my other friends out to their cars with my hand on her hip as I walked behind her. My other friend never seemed to noticed as we were all joking around. I said goodbye to my other friend and she drove off then turned around to noticed my friend hadn’t gotten into her car yet. We had already hugged each other goodbye so we couldn’t be waiting for that. So I walked back over to her and said “hey you, what’s up?” Joking pointing out that her bra strap was falling. She laughed but didn’t fix it and instead simply say “happy birthday” before tugging at my shirt to move in closer. I quickly got the hint and said thank you before going for a peak on the lips which quickly turned into some sloppy making out. She pulled me close and I began to run my hands up her body. I told how much I adore her body. She’s about 5’5″ a little thick and amazingly huge tits. She smiled as I gropped her tits, reminding her the things I’ve told her about them before, how I would worthship them giving the chance. She kissed me once more and said “show me”

I suggested if this was gonna happen we go back inside since we were out on the sidewalk. She agreed and I lead her inside where I closed the door behind her and then pinned her to it as we made out and I pulled down her top and pulled her tits out of her now lose bra. I ran my lip all over them, kissing every inch. Taking my time sucking on both nipples, thinking about how I never wondered this would actually happen and all the videos I’ve gotten on them before. I smacked them around like she would do in her snaps and lightly sucked on them. Meanwhile she was moaning out loud and undoing my pants to pull my cock out. She stumbled onto her knees and began blowing me, she was very sloppy and I loved it, she sucked on my balls and everything. I told her I was gonna blow and she begged me to cum on her tits which I gladly did. After that I told her to lay down where I lifted her cute skirt up and pulled off her panties. I began fingering her and eating her out as I rubbed on my cock to get hard again. Once I was fully erect again she told me to fuck her. I was so excited I could of cum right there. I grabbed her by her thick thighs that I love so much and pulled her to the edge of the bed and teased her pussy with the tip of my cock before sliding in her. I made sure to fuck her hard so I could watch her gigantic tits bounce around and I gropped and smacked them around as we fucked. Once I was close she told me to make a mess on her tits again so I did. My load sprayed out across her stomach to her face covering her in one of the biggest loads I’ve ever pumped. After words she cleaned up and kissed me goodnight and once again said happy birthday.

We haven’t fucked like that since but we both agreed we enjoyed it and bring it up sometime when we do our dirty snaps to each other. I think we’ll do it again, but for now we’ll keep secretly dirty talking while our clueless friends hang around🙂

NSFW: yes

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