Wake Up Call

The bright Sunday morning sun is blinding me as I opened my eyes. I turned to my side , and there you are, sound asleep. I watch your chest move up and down, listen to your breathing, even your soft snores are sexy. I feel your chest over your white t-shirt. You move a little but still asleep . I sit up so I can drink you with my eyes. You look so peaceful. And content. Considering last night’s “events”. I feel heat run all over my body. I want more. I want more of you. All of you. I move my eyes and hands from your chest to your stomach to your legs. I smiled. I really love those jelly fish printed boxer briefs you’re wearing . I know you wear them for me. You know I love them. The way they hug you and your thighs. I graze my hand on the most attractive bulge I’ve seen in my life. I felt you move and breathe heavy. I see your legs open wider. Hmmmm, I wondered. Such a very nice offering this morning. I use both my hands to feel you.

“Nate..” I whisper, checking if you’re awake . I heard a soft mmmmm moan and I see your legs spread wider . Your eyes still shut. Hmmm someone wants to play a game. This is one of your lucky morning as I’m game too. My hands move to your inner thighs, massaging and squeezing them , drawing imaginary circles and ellipses and all sorts of doodles on your inner thighs. I hover on that “sweet spot” and blow warm air, moistening the fabric of your boxer briefs. I smile as I see the bulge grow. I plant tiny kisses while playfully scratching where I think the balls are. I see your back arch and hips move.

“Nate, are you awake babe? “ I ask again. You spread your legs even wider, breathing heavier than usual, eyes shut but there’s a tiny smirk on your sexy lips.

“Such a heavy sleeper.” I muttered. I playfully put my fingers on the band of your boxers and trace them back and forth. Inch by inch, sliding my fingers inside and stopping just over your pubic area. My fingers play with your hair. I love it. I feel you move again. This time your lips are not pursed together anymore. They’re slightly open. I lean over to give your mouth a little kiss … just on the side of your lips … teasing . I kiss your jaw, your neck, my hands now under the shirt. I position myself between your legs. My knees barely touching your inner thighs. I see you grow more and more . This sight turn me on a lot. I love watching you grow because of my touch. It gives me pleasure knowing I can do that to you. I give your chest a squeeze, circling your nipples and flick and twirl them between my fingers. I hear you moan again.

Gently, I pull your boxers down just enough to free you. Mmmm… the sound it makes when it hits your belly is music to my ears. I lick it from the base , to the shaft , to the frenulum, to the glans and the tip. It throbs and twitches . Very attractive . The best looking penis I’ve ever seen. And it’s MINE.

“Nate, are you awake baby?” I teasingly ask again. I see you smile. Left a moan out. But eyes still shot, this time your hands behind your head. Such a very relaxed position you have. I know you want me to, I hold it with one hand, lower my head and wrap my lips around your head. Suck and squeeze and inch by inch take you all in my mouth until it touches the walls of my throat. I look up at you, your eyes open, watching intently as you hold your breath. I know you couldn’t withstand that. I bob my head back and forth occasionally gagging, making a sloppy mess. My hands alternately stroking your shaft and massaging your balls. I push your perineum up with my knuckles and trace your anus with my fingers playing on the skin just around it. I withdrew my mouth from your cock and planted tiny kisses on your balls. Lick and twirl my tongue over them and put them inside my mouth . I suck them gently while my hands play with your shaft and head. I twirl my fingers on your tip, massage and tug your frenulum. I hear your grunts and moans and those noises turn me on so much. I feel myself soaked but this is all about you .

“Babe…” you say, “now sit on my face. Let me take care of MY PUSSY.” I swear, that is like orgasm to my ears. I take my thongs off , left them hanging on my left ankle while I sit on your face. “This is mine.” You say.

I hold on to your erect cock , kiss the tip and say . “This is mine. Now eat me while I suck your soul out.”

NSFW: yes

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