Violence against a classmate

We were traveling with a group of people. At that moment, I really liked my classmate, my current girlfriend. I really wanted her. The moment came when I stayed in the same room with her, and everyone else left the building. I closed it, she didn’t notice it. I put something in her tea and after 10 minutes she was already lying on the bed and I was looking at her. I took off her pants and jacket and saw her in panties and a tank top. She tried to break free, but I tied her up.I have a lot of fetishes. One of them is for the girl to withstand, as you figure out. I also like to play with her legs and the rest of her body. I licked her tender face and breasts. I took off the rest of her clothes. When I finished, I put her back on and asked her what to do so that she would not tell anyone about it. she replied that she likes to be a victim, and said that this was not the last time

NSFW: yes

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