Vanessa and her professor part 4 [20sF/30sM][con][anal][fiction][fantasy] – Short Sex Story

Vanessa was the best student ever for the next 4 weeks. She went to work, class, studied, and did homework. If she needed a pick me up, she would put on his jacket and inhale his scent. Mondays were her favorite day of the week. She dutifully went to her “office hours” and presented her grades. Beau still wanted them higher but she was pretty confident he’d relent this week. He seemed desperate as they fucked. Pounding into her hard. They would both cum quickly and then they would have a more leisurely go at it. He was getting more and more reluctant to let go of her as she left each Monday night. It was the 13th week of the semester. Next week was off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Vanessa wasn’t going home and she was really, really hoping there would be some extra credit activities during the holiday week. She’d even been working on a special surprise for Beau. Something she hoped would…would…well never mind what she hoped it would do. She just hoped he’d like it. Vanessa put on a cute sundress. No bra. No panties. His surprise hiding underneath. Mindful of how her turning up at his office looking like a slut made him worry, she put a long coat over it. And off she went.

Vanessa didn’t even have to knock. Beau was opening his office door at 550 to look down the hall. She saw him and smiled. Walking into his office, she handed him her grades.

“I think this is good, right? I mean it’s not a 4.0 but it definitely won’t decrease my GPA.” She removed her coat and placed it on the back of a chair.

Beau wasn’t even looking at her grades. His eyes were glued to her. Her large breasts bouncing as she moved. Just the slightest hint of her areolas showing through the fabric. Nipples straining against the cloth. Her flat stomach. Her trim little waist that flaired out nicely to wide hips. Her tight, high ass. The dress hem indecently high. She saw his fingers clutching the paper, his chest rising and falling with the force of his breathing. The outline of his hard cock in his pants. That wonderfully thick cock that rubbed her in all the right places. Vanessa bent over in the guise of removing her shoes and in doing so, she flashed her ass and Beau’s surprise at him. He was on her in two quick steps. Pressing her back into the door. She spread her legs and he was grinding his dick into her center. His hands were everywhere. Like he didn’t know what he wanted to touch more. Vanessa moaned his name as he slipped the straps of her dress down her shoulders and then exposed her breasts. Her hands were on his shoulders, his back, desperately trying to discover buttons to undo. His hands slid under the bottom of her dress and squeezed her ass.

“What…what was that? In…I saw something in…”

He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t take his mouth off of her long enough to finish a sentence. But Vanessa knew. He had seen it. His surprise. And now she wanted to tease him. Torture him. Punish him for only fucking her once a week and not every day.

“Oh that? I’ve been doing some extra practice over these last 4 weeks. Do you want to see?” She bit his bottom lip and pulled. Beau growled and spun her around, pushing her forward so she was gripping the back of the chair. That first chair. Her dress was over her ass and he was spreading her cheeks. Exposing a glittering butt plug.

FUCK.” Was all he got out and then he was eating her pussy from behind. Devouring her like he hadn’t eaten her pussy in months not days. Vanessa’s knees turned to water. Her pussy was already gushing. Putting the plug in and walking over had turned her on more than she realized. Beau was quickly working her into a frenzy. His tongue and his fingers darting in and out of her cunt. His other hand was reached around her rubbing her clit. In minutes she was cumming, burying her head into her arm to quiet her screams. Her pussy hadn’t even stopped clinching and Beau was up. She slid down the back of the chair. Dress still tangled about her arms and over her ass. He was practically ripping his shirt off. His pants were off before his shirt hit the ground. He took his dick in his hand and walked towards her. Vanessa opened her mouth and took him in. It was so much easier now. Her gag reflex fading. She sucked him to his hilt and then let him thrust down her throat a few times. He pulled out of her mouth and she was panting. Feeling the arousal building in her center again. He offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet. He bent her over his desk. Her breasts smashed into its hard, cold surface. Vanessa hadn’t managed to get her heels off. The 3 inches raised her ass enticingly. Beau walked behind her. He slid his still spit coated cock along her dripping pussy. Over and over. She looked back at him. His cock twitched.

“I’m going to take it out now.” His voice was a low tremble she felt more than heard.

“I’ve never,” she cleared her throat “I’ve never been fucked in the ass.”

She saw the shuddering breath he took. He reached under her and collected her leaking juices in his hand. Then he brought it around and dumped it on the top of her ass, watching it slowly slide down her curves and into her crack. Keeping his cock between her wet lips, he used both hands to spread her cheeks wide. He started pulling the plug from her ass. Vanessa moaned. When it was fully out he set it on the desk and then started fingering her asshole. Lubing her up with her own fluids. He had 2 fingers in her when she felt him grab his cock and begin sliding from her pussy lips. He dragged the head of his fat, veiny cock up her ass until it was lined up with her tight hole. One hand on her hip, one hand on his cock, he started pressing it into her.

“Uuurrraaarrrrggghhhh” Vanessa moaned.

He kept pressing. She knew he wanted to go right to the hilt. Slowly, so slowly. Inch by agonizing inch he penetrated her ass. Vanessa would moan, low and long, coming somewhere from her core. And each time a moan ended and she wondered surely she couldn’t feel more, another one would be wrenched from her. His balls hit her pussy and Vanessa knew he was fully in her asshole. He was leaning over her, bracing himself on his arms. Panting.

“I….I’m going to try to be gentle Vanessa. I swear to God. But, fucking hell, I don’t know.”

Vanessa leaned over and kissed him. He stood up and placed both hands on her hips. He pulled out of her asshole slightly quicker than he went in. And his next thrust was quicker than that. And the next one was quicker. Vanessa couldn’t think. Her pussy was throbbing. She could feel his cock stretching her asshole. Pounding it. But she could also feel him in her core. She’d never felt something so amazing.

“Oh god yes. Yes! YES! FUCK MY ASSHOLE!” She screamed.

Beau was pounding into her. His desk was shaking. Vanessa slid an arm between her body and the desk. She started fingering herself. Palm on her clit, two fingers thrusting in and out. Vanessa squirted and came. He whole body convulsing around the cock in her ass. She came so hard she couldn’t even scream. Beau felt her pussy and ass clinch around him and he blew. An explosion of cum in her ass. A weeks worth of frustration and all his male ego in being the first to claim her tight hole.

Beau pulled put of her ass and his cum followed, leaking on the floor and into her pussy. His legs buckled and he sat on the floor. Vanessa slithered down the desk and collapsed next to him. Both pairs of eyes glazed and distant, limbs floppy, chests heaving for air.

Vanessa stirred first. Sitting up and then crawling over to sit straddling his lap. They started kissing then. He licked the sweat from her neck. She ran her hands all over his back. And soon both were back in their bodies staring at eachother. They stood. Beau started stumbling around getting his clothes. He had popped a button off his shirt. Vanessa just stood there, dress still down below her breasts, watching him. He got dressed. He walked towards her and pulled her dress up. He helped her put on her coat. He picked up her butt plug and handed it to her. She took it with shaking hands and put it in her coat pocket. They kissed softly.

“Wednesday?” She whispered against his lips.

“Wednesday.” He replied

NSFW: yes

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