Update on bisexual party last night

I appreciate everyone’s input on my previous post. Like you all said, don’t assume, just ask. So we did not assume and asked.

The party was happening at that mansion in Fairfax, VA. The host is super well connected with politics/politicians, that would all die if they knew what he is up to. I asked about the 3 guys we did not know, and the host told me: they are all bottoms. I am gonna tell them you are a top and you will have a great time. I was like, no, I want it to happen organically. Host was like, yeah, sure.

We got there early, and nothing was happening. There was a barbecue spread, and we all enjoyed the food. One dude was an ex-professional hockey player and the ladies were all over him. My wife decided to not do anything. Usually when she says that, she plays 4 times, but last night, nothing was going for her. She was not interested in the men she had already played with in the past, she was just having fun talking to that single dude on the patio.

I went to have sex with a couple of ladies, that I had fucked previously, did an ok job. I mostly went down on them, and then I was like, ok, I will fuck you, if you insist.

My wife was still chatting this guy up, Andy. I said: just go and fuck him, I am tired. She was like, ok, fine. She disappeared with him at 1 am, and reappeared at 2 am: “I tried everything. Nothing happened. I never came. This guy Andy has a tiny dick. I fingered his ass and that’s what he liked the most. You should fuck him”. I was like, ok, not sure, who knows.

The host asked me to come to his bedroom and have sex with his wife, so I was like, ok, why not. So we go, and then the wife leaves the room 5 minutes later, after having cum once. The host keeps sucking my dick, and then Andy walks into the bedroom. They both suck my dick, and I am like, you fucking motherfuckers, get me hard so I can fuck you. The host could not get excited, like it’s too late and I am too old for this, but his friend kept going. I got some lube and had him ride my cock. He had a very small dick, and I could see why he was never able to please my wife.

Then I was like: I am gonna make you my bitch, get on all fours so I can fuck you. And then I went pro-bone on him. He was like “breed me, breed me”. I fucked him so hard that he came three times with his butt/prostate, then I came inside of him. He was so thankful. I was like, imma have the host clean up your ass, stay right here. And that’s what happened, very hot to watch.

Good job I asked who was bi!

NSFW: yes

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