Update – Married friend [F] made a move after going out last night

So if you look at my account youll see my previous post about my friend sending signals that she wants something from me even though shes married. Well she hit me up yesterday telling me how her husband went on a trip for the week and her parents are watching her kid and asked if i was down to eat. I told her i was after the gym and i was down to drink too but she said she didnt want to drink cause she had work in the morning so i said okay. We get to this food spot and when we sat down we started ordering food and she ended ordering shots, like 4 each. I asked why the shots and she said if we drink them early enough she’ll be fine which was cool cause i wanted to drink

After an hour we finished all four shots and im starting to buzz and maybe half an hour after that shes like drunk. Mid conversation i stopped her and said you know im buzzing now cause i have drain my snake and when i said that she started smiling but like trying not to at the same time and said “do you need help with that?” I started laughing and said what do you want to hold it for me while i pee ? And she stayed quiet but giving me that look i mentioned in my last post so i jokingly said come on lets go to the bathroom so you can hold my dick and as i got up she got up too and started walking with me to the bathroom so i stopped her and said that she needs to sit down and i was kidding. Fast forward we closed out the tab and she asked if we can walk around abit and i wondered maybe i should make a move if she really wants it

So as we leave the restaurant i grab her hips and scooped her next to me and said i all the time have a fun time with her as i slid my hands onto her butt and kept it there holding it firm keeping her next to me as we walked. I wondered she would pull away but she stayed with me and agreed and kept giggling the whole time eventually i lean against a rail and put both my hands on her ass and pressed her against me where she would feel my bulge and ended up kissing my neck but only for a second before she looked up at me. So i go in and give her a peck and her eyes looked like she was high like she was waiting for this. Suddenly her phone starts ringing and it was her mom saying she needs to come home cause her kid is crying for her and she started getting anxious cause she was too drunk to drive so i offered to take her in my car and i was okay to drive.

Once in the car she unbuckled her jeans and pulled down her zipper saying she was too full and her jeans were tight (shes like 5’1 and 110lbs) but she then put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing it so i do the same and with her other hand she grabs my hand and puts it at the entrance of her pants and says “im going to take a little nap as she slides my fingers into her jeans. It was so hard to focus on driving and i was so hard but i decided to go for it and put my hands into her panties and started rubbing her pussy and my god…she was SOAKING like dripping on her thighs! I coudnt help myself and had a taste before rubbing again but halfway to her house she passed out so i pulled my hand out and drove her home when we pulled up i zipped up her pants and she woke up and said can i sleep in the car and i was like no your mom wants you home inside then she smiles at me all drunk and said she needed motivation and if i can help her out the car so i go around and open the door and as i lift her up she gives me another kiss and grabs my bulge and bit her lips but then walked into her house…i went home and knocked out but as i type this i can still smell her wet pussy on my fingers which is nice before i take a shower and wash the night away

Was concerned she would wake up and regret something but she just texted me saying how she had a good time and she wants to pay for the next meal when we go out so looks like everything is good 😄

NSFW: yes

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