(Update) I matched with my teacher

Sorry for not posting I’ve been busy lately with work.

I’ll be going over the dinner and afterwards

I’ve arrived at the restaurant from a Uber around 5:30ish. She arrived about 5 minutes after. Her and I got a nice table on the second floor of the building. We and 2 others couples were up there. When we got to our seats we ordered drinks (no alcohol btw. Not one of those stories). Then we talked about life and her divorce.

So one night she had parent teacher conferences. the conferences were over 1 hour early. And she decided to go home. And when she arrived home. She saw her husband having sex with their kids teacher. And she left the house for her friends. And she got 2 out of the 3 houses since one was hers dads before he died. And other shit.

I was stricken back by the details of the divorce ( I’m not going to go into details of the divorce besides that). And I changed the topic to something else. I don’t really remember about it since it was a topic to stray away. But it was about high college stuff.

But when we ordered. She asked if we could split the meal since she didn’t want to be stuffed for later. And I knew I was going to have a great time that night.

So after we got dinner. She offered to pay but I refused and payed. And she whispered he’s going to love tonight. And offered to take me home in her car. But she said first she wants to show me something and took me to a park and said come to the trunk. (She had a cord expedition max I think)

And when we went to the trunk. She proceeded to take off her dress and all I gotta say is god damn.

She has the nicest body ever. I mean yes she was 29. I’ve fucked 29 year old who have kids. But damn she looks like she never had kids. And when we had sex. It was like we were meant for each other. She cummed within the first minute. We had sex for about 1:30 hours. We went nonstop. I cummed in her (She’s on birth control) 5 times. And made her cum 7 times.

After we had sex. She said that she wants to be the turkey and I to be the stuffing on thanksgiving giving. And since I got nothing to do until 4 that day. Same with her. I’m going to fuck the night before and until 3.

So I’ll update on Saturday. I hope

NSFW: yes


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