UPDATE!! I 20F finally fucked a 52m i met on reddit.


I 20F finally fucked a 52m i met on reddit.

The next day after our video stream, i stayed at the hotel alone for most of the day until he arrived at the hotel at 5pm (he works in a processing plant so overnight shifts aren’t uncommon), i was laying on my stomach in crotchless panties, Mr. G walked over got onto his knees while pulling my hips to the edge of the bed before taking out my buttplug that I had put in, and shoved his tongue in my ass hole, fucking my ass with his tongue, using his hands to finger my pussy and run my clit, i was in heaven!!

He then stood up as lead me over the the couch sitting down his pants around his ankles i climbed on, positions his cock against my asshole before sitting down quickly ramming his cock in my ass. He held my arms pulling him tightly against him and began fucking my ass rough and hard while biting down and sucking on my nipples. It was FUCKING amazing! He came in my ass, grabbing the buttplug he put it in me again keeping his cum from leaking out. Grabbing my throat tightly I arched my back becoming lightheaded as a jolt of pleasure hit me as he began spanking my clit as he kept fucking me, feeling like I had to pee I began warning him, “I think I need to pee stop!”, he ignored and keep going deeper and harder but keeping the same pace, feeling as i was about to cum he grabbed and pinched my clit pushing me over the edge i started Squirting all over the coffee table that was in front of me, my body shuddered as i collapsed back against him keeping his cock in my pussy as i finished cumming.

NSFW: yes

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