*Update* had sex with the son of my mom’s friend again! – Short Sex Story

Ok so some of you asked for an update! Here it is. Also in advance please don’t leave me nasty comments, if you don’t like my story, or think it’s fake just leave without being mean. I distribute these things because I enjoy it 🙂 thanks!

We were having a BBQ at Lilly’s (mom’s friend) property. I brought some goodies and set them on her big farm table. I was greeted by many familiar faces and made my rounds socializing. I see him pull up on his motorcycle and come up the steps. We’ve kept in touch and I just got back in town a few days ago from a work trip. I open the door playfully before he reaches for it, and it was that instant spark again. You know that feeling, that I want to see you naked right now feeling.
We were practically inseparable during the bbq and he touched my butt a couple times where no one could see. Lilly even joked about how we could be cute together but she was so drunk it felt cringey. Anyhow, the night carried on and only his close family remained apart from my mom and I. He caught me coming from the washroom and asked me if I wanted to go for ride. I agreed hoping to pick up where we left off. We rode around for a bit and came back but we walked around the property a bit. Finally up against a tree out of view he kissed me, we were making out and he unbuttoned my shirt, and went straight to my breasts again. Sucking and kissing them. I pulled away and knelt down while undoing his jeans, when I shimmied down his briefs it let his cock spring free. I licked his shaft from the base up to his head and lingered my lips there, making eye contact I sank him deep into my mouth and tried not to gag when he pushed into my throat. He is so big that I had to swirl my hand up and down on the base while bobbing on and off. After a bit he said “oh my god stop, or I’m gonna cum”. He helped me up and turned me around, he reached around and unzipped my shorts, inching them down till they dropped around my ankles. While kissing my neck he starts rubbing my clit and slides his fingers inside me to wet them. I was so wet I was practically dripping down my leg. He gently pushed me up against this leaning tree and asked me “is this ok?” I said “yes, please fuck me” he rubbed his penis in a circle around my opening, spreading me. “You sure? Do you want it?” “YES! Please fuck me, I want it so bad” I pushed my butt out against him more. He shoved himself inside me as deep as he could, and started slow. He wrapped his hand in my long red braid, pulling my head back a bit. “Do you like this?” “Uh huh” I nodded. He started fucking me harder and reached around to play with my clit again, I came so hard without much warning. I felt myself squeezing around him, it was incredible. I started to moan and he covered my mouth so no one would hear. He turned me around and lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around him and he grinded me against the tree, balls deep. I could practically feel him in my stomach. Running my fingers through his hair and digging into shoulders, “I’m gonna cum again, oh my god. Don’t stop” he went harder and deeper, his pelvis grinding against my clit until I came again. It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. He kept going “oh yeah, fuck. I’m coming” he came inside me while digging his hands into my hip. I still have a little bruise 🤭.

Afterwards we hung out on the porch and pretended like we had been there for much longer than we were. I eventually went home and haven’t stopped thinking about it.

NSFW: yes

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