Update: A night with my Boss


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Part one was posted “A night with my Boss” here is the continuation:

I catch up to Carly who’s already waiting for the elevator. I’m nervous, but I block it out cause I can’t help but admire how she looks in her dress. Her curves are especially shown off as her hour glass figure leads right to her tight round ass. Her long blonde hair hangs down and it whips around as she turns to me and gives the “come here” gesture as the elevator doors open. The doors close and we press the button to our floor and I put her into the corner and start kissing her neck while my hands slide down her ass and under her skirt. I squeeze her ass as her hands trail down my back. She moans in my ear as I kiss down her neck to her exposed v neck to the little bit of cleavage she’s showing. I kiss and suck on her breast, my hard cock brushes up against her, she grabs it and starts rubbing it. The doors open to our floor, a couple stands waiting to get in, while Carly and I adjust ourselves and we scurry to her room.

She couldn’t get that key out of her bag fast enough. I slapped her ass as she opens the door to her suite. I shut the door behind me and take her to the bed. I lay her down and get on top of her. We kiss passionately as my hand finds its way in between her thigh. She opens them for me and I feel her soaking wet panties. I push them to the side and slide my two fingers back into her pussy. It’s still so tight and wet. She gyrates her body as we kiss and I finger her. I bite her lip and start kissing down her neck, to her cleavage until I make it to her thighs. I kiss up her inner thighs, teasing her as I slowly slide her panties down her leg. I slide her skirt up to see her gorgeous pink pussy. She had a slight bush on top of it that looked soo hot in the moment.

I buried my face inbetween her thighs. Long slow licks up and down her pussy before finding her clit. I licked her clit as I slid 2 fingers back in her pussy. She pushed my face down and I went faster and faster. She pulled my hair and I could feel her getting wetter and tighter and she screamed as she gushed all over my face. Her body was shaking and her thighs squeezed my face, but I continued to lick her clit slowly. She was so sensitive and shook every time I hit it with my tongue. She sat up and told me to get on the bed. I obliged and took off my shirt as she undid my belt. She pulled down my pants and underwear in one attempt, wasting no time. My hard cock slapped against my stomach. “Wow so thick, you’re gonna stretch me out” she smiled and started working up and down my shaft. She licked all the way up and down to my balls while stroking it softly. She gravitated towards the tip and slowly sucked just the tip while continuing to stroke. It felt amazing. I could feel her tongue going over the head of my cock and it made it twitch. She slowly started taking more and more and she got close to the base and i thrusted into her throat and held her head down as she gagged on my cock. I thrusted deep inside her throat feeling it open up inviting more and more inside her. She came up for air and smiled as her makeup ran. “Fuck me just like that.” She panted.

She stood up and i unzipped her dress and took it off. I grabbed her perky breasts and sucked on her hardened nipples before turning her around and bending her over the bed. I slapped her round ass and teased her pussy before slowly sticking my cock inside her. She was still super tight. I slowly managed to get it all the way in. She moaned into the sheets as I thrusted deeper until it was all the way in. I gave her long strokes, taking it out every time and thrusting it back in. She loved it, moaning uncontrollably. She spread her cheeks wanting more and I buried my face in her pussy and sliding my tongue up and down her lips, even working up to her tight ass. She jumped a little, and I stuck my cock back in her pussy and proceeded to pound her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her in tight as each stroke made her ass shake. I spanked her hard every so often, leaving a red handprint. She moaned loudly with approval. Her pussy was soo tight and wet at the same time. I picked one leg up and put it on the bed to open her up more. She screamed as I hit it deep inside her. She reached back and rubbed her clit as I pounded deep inside her. She screamed and shook as she pushed my cock out of her and squirted all over me. I flipped her over and got on top of her. I put her legs on my shoulders and proceeded to pile drive my cock inside her. Hitting it soo deep, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she couldn’t say anything. I pounded her tight pussy over and over until I felt her, once again, push me out and she gushed everywhere. She rolled me over on my back. She tasted herself on my cock, deepthroating it, before sitting on top of me. She put her feet up on the bed, squatting on me, and grabbed my neck for support and stroked my cock with her wet pussy. I grabbed her tits as they bounced in my face. I could feel myself starting to get close. She could see it in my face. She smiled and said “I want you to cum Inside me, fill me with your cum” I grabbed her in close so I could thrust deep and hard inside her pussy. I thrusted as hard as I could and then groaned loudly as I shot a enormous load of cum inside her. I held her for what felt like 30 seconds as my cock wouldn’t stop. She turned around and cleaned off my cock as I saw my enormous load drip out of her pussy. It dropped slightly on my chest and she turned and licked it all up. She smiled, “wow that was amazing.”

I just laid there with disbelief and out of breath. She got up close to me and laid on my chest looking up at me and said with a smile, “So night one was a success, can’t wait to see nights 2 and 3.”

NSFW: yes


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