Unveiling the Untold Tale: Kidnapping Anne Chronicles, Part 2 – Irresistible Seduction and Thrilling Encounters

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I was determined to make it to her place before she arrived home. Fridays meant leaving work early for me, all to ensure that I could set everything up just the way she liked it. But I faced a dilemma – should I begin our little game outside her apartment or wait until she stepped inside? Although she confessed her desire to be taken outside, the risk of the cops being called was a line I wasn’t eager to cross. After all, who wants a girl to explain that it was just a tantalizing role-playing fantasy? Perhaps I wasn’t as daring as I advertised myself to be, or maybe I simply wasn’t in the mood to be handcuffed in the back of a police car. So, I chose to wait inside her apartment, planning to ambush her.

Finally, Friday arrived, the longest week coming to an end. Anne had no clue what was in store for her. Throughout the day, she texted me about how desperately she needed a few drinks to unwind from the week’s stress. Naturally, I replied, wholeheartedly agreeing and promised to meet her at the usual time – 8pm. By 4pm, I left work and headed straight to her place. Luckily for me, I found a parking spot not too far from her apartment that she never frequented, ensuring that my car remained unseen. As I stepped into her place, preparations were set in motion. I made my way to her bed, attaching four long homemade fabric ties to the corners of the mattress. Moving on to the dining room table, I secured two ties around the legs on one side and fastened another to the top of a chair. With everything in place, I glanced at my phone – 5:00pm, precisely on schedule. Anne should be leaving work around now. I grabbed the duct tape, cutting a long piece to bind her hands behind her back and a smaller one to cover her sensual mouth. Everything was prepared, so I nestled into my hiding spot, anticipation coursing through my veins as I waited for the sound of her keys jingling at the door. I snapped the ski mask over my head, took a deep breath, and prepared for her resistance.

As I saw the door open, allowing light to engulf the previously darkened apartment, excitement surged. Anne nonchalantly placed her keys on the hook and closed the door. Silently, I surged towards her, my hand promptly covering her surprised mouth while my other arm wrapped around her struggling body. Thankfully, Anne proved to be petite, making it easier for me to contain her flailing limbs without much effort, although I did receive a few elbows to my side. However, her next move caught me off guard. Anne unleashed a swift, unexpected kick with her heel, landing right on my shin. For a moment, stars danced before my eyes, and I involuntarily released my grip on her. Swiftly, she took the opportunity to flee, yelling out in protest. Yet, just in the nick of time, I latched onto her arm, ensuring she couldn’t escape my grasp. With determination, I wrestled her to the ground and forcefully pressed her stomach against the table, subduing her struggles. Hastily, I retrieved the duct tape, winding it expertly around her wrists, effectively restraining her above her head. With one hand effortlessly keeping her arms still, I secured the smaller strip over her protesting mouth, finally bringing some tranquility to the room. In that moment of respite, I took a moment to collect myself, my senses heightened, listening intently for any signs of nosy neighbors.

Feeling reassured that all remained calm, I cautiously rose to my feet, bringing Anne over to the table. I intended for her to bend over it, her stomach pressed enticingly against the cool surface. Throughout the process, she continued to withstand, fighting against my every move. Suppressing the urge to scold her, I knew it was essential to maintain the illusion for just a bit longer. I grappled with her, guiding her hands to be securely tied to the chair. At times, I had to firmly grip her hair, slightly pulling it back to assert my dominance and coax her into submission. Yet, I sensed this was the moment to reveal my identity. After all, it would soon become nearly impossible to undress her at this stage. Positioning myself behind her, I pressed my hardening arousal against her inviting rear, my lips tantalizingly close to her ear. With a husky whisper, I voiced, “Looks like I’ve found myself a delicious little slut here.” The sound of my voice triggered a flurry of flailing limbs. Anger coursed through her, fueled by the belief that this was all too real.

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