Unveiling the Secrets of My Unforgettable Sensual Massage Encounter with My Close Male Friend – Thrilling Sex Story

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During my time at university, I had an unforgettable experience with my best friend that involved an incredibly erotic massage.

We were both dedicated to preparing for a grueling marathon. I would often complain about the constant aches and pains I endured, and it turned out that he couldn’t stand hearing me suffer any longer. He suggested that I seek the aid of a massage therapist or sports specialist. Initially indifferent towards the idea, he surprised me by offering his own skills instead. Intrigued, I playfully teased him about finally doing something for me.

Upon reaching his place, my anticipation grew. We wasted no time and headed straight to his room. A mischievous smile played across my lips as I removed my shirt, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of my see-through bra. I caught his gaze, inviting his imagination to run wild. Rolling my eyes playfully, I positioned myself on his bed, laying face-down.

Willing to please, he generously lathered his hands with massage oil and began his soothing strokes on my back. As he worked diligently, he admitted that my bra strap interfered with his attempts to reach certain areas. Without a second wondered, I removed my bra, allowing my breasts to press seductively against the bed.

His touch felt heavenly as his hands glided in firm, rhythmic motions over my back. The delicious sensation compelled him to address my legs, prompting me to unbutton and remove my trousers. My choice of matching underwear was no accident, for I yearned to entice him further. With each stroke, his focus intensified on my irresistible thighs. Although I tried not to dwell on the implications, my body betrayed me, getting increasingly wet with desire. It was impossible not to feel a slight tinge of embarrassment, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

Never failing to gauge the situation, his attention shifted towards massaging my ass with added pressure. My arousal had reached a fevered pitch, causing me to act subtly yet intentionally. Parting my legs ever so slightly, I revealed the inviting sight of my pussy through the sheer fabric of my underwear.

An unspoken understanding enveloped the room, and I positioned my body purposely to convey my wants. His hands inched closer as he expertly traced circular patterns on my inner thighs. In response, a silent moan escaped my lips, an undeniable signal that I craved his touch.

Without hesitation, his fingers glided along the delicate folds of my pussy. He teased me ruthlessly, keeping them in place to prolong the excitement. In an attempt to satisfy both curiosity and desire, I widened my legs further, ensuring easy access to my dripping center. Each passing second heightened my anticipation until I was nearly consumed with pleasure, experiencing a mini orgasm from the sheer intensity of the moment.

Taking my response as a cue, he plunged his fingers into my wide-open and saturated pussy. Skillfully curling his fingers, he worked my G-spot with precision, applying just the right amount of pressure. Overwhelmed with pleasure, I moaned, encouraging him not to hold back.

His expert touch continued, gliding against the walls of my willing pussy while simultaneously stimulating my clit and its hood. The edge of ecstasy beckoned, causing me to pant heavily in anticipation. Gripping his sheets firmly, I surrendered to the sensations flooding my body as he increased the pace of his movements. Thrusting his skilled fingers up and down, he skillfully balanced the delicate art of pleasuring me from within while caressing my clit.

Driven to the brink by waves of pleasure, I couldn’t help but convey my urgent need to climax. Pleadingly, I moaned his name, expressing my readiness to release onto his hand. With an intensity that matched my desire, he quickened his movements until I finally succumbed to the explosive release that washed over me, drenching him in pure ecstasy.

The aftermath left my body in a state of pure relaxation, but I had a burning desire to reciprocate the pleasure he had inflicted upon me. So, with newfound confidence, I relieved him from his training-induced stress, skillfully using my mouth to massage his pulsating cock.

That night, as we basked in the aftermath of our intense massage session, our marathon training suddenly seemed more rewarding and fulfilling than ever before.

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