Unsolicited Nudes Received – Thank you, and I will miss it

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TLDR, Younger me got a few nudes online- now don’t see it happening ever again.
About 10 years ago, when I was younger and single, chatrooms started becoming accessible to me.
I didnt specifically look for that attention, but there were a few girls who i interacted with, and some sent me a nude picture or two after a bit of flirting- but I never asked for pics. It was such a rush. This random girl, just sent a nude to me, to make my day. And they did.
One girl asked for my pics in return, and I declined. She sent me so many personalised ones of her own, I eventually sent her a few pics of me. Afterwards she stuck around, sending me more. When I mean “personalised”, clearly taken for me, not generic to send to others. It was special.
I did not know her, know her name, and she didn’t mine. But the interactions I remember to this day and will never forget.
I am in a very happy relationship now. I don’t ever see myself receiving anything like that again, and I am slightly sad that i won’t put myself in that situation again.
Gonna online and flirting with strangers with that goal in mind is a clear violation of my morals in a relationship.
Nobody knows this except Reddit now, and it will stay that way. Sending my pics to that girl remains one of the few regrets I have in my life, even though she was such a positive with what she sent to me.
Public videos, images online etc aren’t the same. They aren’t specifically for me, just because the person wanted to turn me on. Likewise in the relationship, the person isn’t a stranger.
I love my partner and wouldn’t change anything at all, but wanted to distribute this feeling with someone!
Thanks to those that read.

NSFW: yes

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