Unknown Things Lurking in the Water Part 3 [F18-19/M+ 18-55] [Alien][ScFi][Bondage][Exhib][Anal][mc]

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She stretched and yawned, the afternoon sun peeking through her curtains. A sudden wash of shame flooded over her, remembering intimately what she had done early that morning. Her wrists were marked from the coarse rope they had strung her up with. She thought how she would explain that. She shrugged it off, reaching between her legs. She teased her clit while her other hand slid under her t-shirt and began to play with her breasts. She could never remember being this desperate or horny before. Her back arched, biting her lip as she tried to stay quiet. She didn’t know if her parents were around. Fuck she missed the dorms. Her eyes closed as she sunk her finger past her lips. The memories of the night before flooded her. The feeling of being strung up, so vulnerable and exposed. She had only offered herself to the three of them, hadn’t she? The first orgasm washed over as she contemplated the idea that she had been raped in some way, never truly agreeing or consenting to take that whole group. The whole crew? Fuck, what had he meant by that? She remembered how it felt, the feeling of two men inside her. One man cupping and groping her breasts with rough, dirty hands as the other held her legs aside. She could distinctly remember the larger ones, the feeling of the head of his cock driving into her cervix with each thrust. A mix of pain and pleasure that only seemed to enhance each orgasm. How many times had she cum last night? It was just an ebb and flow, no real break. Her breasts, her nipples and clit so sensitive and so easy to push her over the edge with the slightest touch. She remembered the one who had held her tight by the hair, grunting in her ear as he sodomized her, the smell of cheap cigarettes on his breath. Another orgasm washed over her. Why was this so easy? She had never felt compelled to keep going before.

When she finally finished, she rolled out of bed and tossed on some clothes. She didn’t bother to shower, knowing she looked and likely smelled like a common whore. She shrugged it off and grabbed her keys. She needed to hit the pharmacy for some Plan B. Walking through the pharmacy, she headed to the aisle and found what she was looking for. She picked up one box and turned before pausing. She went back and grabbed 3 more. What was coming over her, she wondered? She headed to the counter. Another strange compulsion washed over her, her body aching. The cashier was a middle-aged man. Not totally unattractive but not Katie’s usual type. She let him ring her up; “$225” he said in a bored monotone. Katie made a show of digging through her purse, “Fuck…figures I’d forget my wallet.” She sighed, giving the man a coy smile as she reached for his hand. Seriously, what was going on with her, she thought? He eyed the co-ed and shrugged. He leaned in close, not that anyone was around. “I’m off in 4 hours, meet me back here.” He said. She smiled, reaching for the boxes. He playfully smacked her hand away, “After, sweetheart…” he said with a grin. Katie nodded and headed back out to her car. Her gym bag was in the back seat. The Y was close by, and she headed off, figuring an hour on the treadmill might clear her head and knock some sense in her. If anything, spending an hour watching the parade of athletic men made her even more confused and even desperate. Frustrated, she headed off to the showers to clean up for her “date”. As the shower stall steamed up and she let the water wash over her, an idea came to mind. Kill two birds with one stone. She finished up, got dressed and headed up to the front desk. “You guys hiring part time? Just need something for the summer before I head back to State.” She said to the manager. Resume? She happened to have one saved and could email him quick. An hour later she walked back to her car with a new job. Her mom could get off her back now, Katie would be working the closing shift 3 days a week 5-10. Her mind was racing with horrid thoughts.

The time was getting close, so she headed back to the pharmacy. She pulled into a space and watched the clock, waiting for him to come out. Finally, she saw him, walking towards his car. She got out and went to him. He smiled and held a bag up. She smiled, not believing she was going through with this. Or really anything she had done recently. She hopped in the car and he drove her down the street towards an old shopping center. He pulled around back, where the loading dock was. He parked the car and looked over at her, “You better be worth $200, bitch.”. It was the contempt in his voice that drove her wild. This man, that likely lived in mom’s basement and had a collection of Star Wars toys, still found himself better than what he presumed was a street rat hooker down on her luck. She nodded, wasting no time to slide her panties off from under her skirt. She leaned over and unzipped him, freeing his cock. She started to suck him, his hand resting on her head holding her firm. His cock tasted stale and salty after his 8 hour shift in pressed khakis. Her nose wrinkled but she continued, listening to his moans get louder. She pulled away and climbed across the seat, straddling his lap as she lowered herself on him. He reached under her shirt, cupping her breasts awkwardly. Clearly, he had little experience for a man his age. She rolled her eyes and continued, rocking, and grinding her hips just right. The shame and guilt washing over her but arousing her in such delightful methods. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. The first orgasm was building inside her. It had never been this easy for her before. She picked up her pace, the car rocking as her moans joined his. She was really riding him now, as best she could across the cramped seat. Her vaginal walls clenched tightly around his shaft, she could feel herself milking him as he finished her. After a brief pause, she leaned close and nibbled his ear, “Worth it?”. He was speechless for a minute and simply nodded. She rolled off and back across to the passenger seat. He reached back and handed her the bag. “Get out!” he barked. She hesitated; a bit taken aback. “But I need a ride ba…” he cut her off. “Out…I don’t need work seeing me drop off some whore. It’s only 15 blocks.” He clearly wasn’t in the mood for a debate. Katie reluctantly got out and started the long walk back.

It was late when she got home, her mom disappointed she had missed dinner. Katie cheered her up with the news of the job, which got her mom off her back for once. She really did miss State and the freedom she had there. Not that they controlled much here. It was just different. She headed upstairs after a quick bite to eat. She popped out one of the pills and downed it with some water. She grabbed her stuff and headed to the bathroom where she ran a nice, hot bubble bath. She lit some candles, blasted some music, and tried to lose herself in the nearly scalding water to wash away the filth of the past 24 hours. She had orientation the next two days for her new job and didn’t want to screw it up. She found her mind drifting, her hands wandering before she snapped up and willed herself to self-discipline. She climbed out and dried off, willing or a night’s rest and fresh begin in the morning.

She woke the next morning with that same familiar headache, praying she could get through the next two days. She downed two cups of coffee, a few pieces of peanut butter toast and a fistful of aspirin before heading out for her orientation. The day was long, her pounding headache only making it worse. She kept the bottle of aspirin close by, but nothing touched it. She was miserable. Finally, the day ended. Her mother had dinner ready for her, which she was thankful for but only picked at her food. Her mother’s incessant questioning just made things worse. She tolerated it for a bit but finally headed up to bed, blaming the long day. She hoped it would be better in the morning.

The next day Katie woke with an even worse headache coupled with chills and horrible body aches. She knew she wasn’t sick – or at least that sort of sick – and knew what the cure was for the feelings that made her miserable. She pushed it out of her mind and planned on grinding through the day. She was so distracted she nearly lost her new job. She managed to convince her boss that it was just something she ate and would be good when she started back on her regular shift in a few days. He reluctantly allowed her to head home a few hours early, much to her relief. She again endured the droning of her mother, nibbling at her food before finally excusing herself to bed. She tossed and turned for hours, feeling worse with each passing hour. Finally, she sat up and looked at her clock. Just after midnight. She knew what she had to do.

She tiptoed out of the house, down the path and out to her pond. It was a full moon, and the meadow was bathed in pale moonlight. For the first time she realized that she had gone out of the house barefoot in panties and a crop top. She stripped quickly, feeling the goosebumps on her skin in the cool night air. She dove into the water, even colder at night and offered herself. It wasn’t long. She felt the creature beneath her. It took her wrists first, pulling them behind her back like she was cuffed. Rather than spreading her, this time a single thick tentacle or tendril snaked around both legs and bound them tight against each other. To her surprise it pulled, rather than pushed, and she found herself sinking as it pulled her under the water. A sense of calm and serenity washed over her, she wasn’t panicked at all as the thing wrapped around her neck and her head came under the water. She could breathe as if she was on the bank. Under the water she was deprived of all senses, pulled deep enough she couldn’t see the pale glow of the moon. It attached itself to her breasts as it normally did, and all the aches of the past two days vanished. The thing began to violate her, the small stalks entering her. She could feel the one go deep, until it pressed against her cervix. The rest of it began to swell as the first waves of pleasure washed over her. The sense of euphoria and the hazy, hypnotic fever dream began. Only this time it was beyond anything she had experienced before. The last few days played out, almost like watching a video of what she had done. The intense euphoria was like a stronger high, like buying better weed or getting the good Molly. She had a sense that this thing was almost rewarding her for what she had done. She bucked wildly in it’s grasp. Instead of the usual ebb and flow, the crescendo as she reached each peak of climax, this became one prolonged orgasm. She had no sense of time.

She entered the same fantasy world, Alice through the looking glass. She was suddenly warm, even hot, and could feel her skin bead with sweat despite being in the icy cold depths of her pond. She could smell the cedar and dry heat of the sauna at the Y. She was on her knees, looking up at three coal dark cocks that contrasted with her lily-white skin. She licked her lips, eyeing the men they belonged to. Her stomach knotted at the sight of their toned frames towering over her. She eagerly took the first in her mouth, offering herself as a gift. She could feel the pressure against her throat as he held her head firm. Katie was in a frenzy, knowing this wasn’t real but still feeling the slight panic as she was choked with the phallus. The man finally pulled away leaving her gasping and sputtering. Before she could catch her breath, he renewed his attentions on her throat, his friends joining him as Katie found herself pulled from shaft to shaft, never given a chance to fully recover. There was an angry hiss as she felt it get hotter, cold water hitting the sauna rocks with an angry burst of steam. One of them sat down on the bench and Katie was placed on his lap. She eagerly took his cock, lowering herself on him. The creature put more pressure on her cervix, making Katie convulse as she lost sight of what was real and what wasn’t. Her stomach bulged with the gigantic cock inside her as she began to ease herself up and down on him. His friend wasted no time, pressing his cock against her ass. The thing swelled inside her instantly, leaving her wild in its grasp as any sense of reality blurred in a haze. The third man sat on the upper bench of the sauna, just to the side of the friend she was riding. It put him in just the right position for Katie to suck his cock. She could taste him, could taste the precum on her tongue. Somehow, she took them with ease, finding no difficulty in being taken airtight by three hung bulls. She was completely lost in the dream state, allowing herself to submit to the moment and whatever came of this. She drifted in and out, unaware if she was conscious or not. Experiencing both reality and fantasy in a way that was indescribable. The men were using her hard, like she was used to it. At one point they repositioned her. One man lying on his back and having her lay on him facing the ceiling. She quickly found herself being sodomized again. He held her legs, pulling them obscenely towards her head as his cock stretched her. His friend stroked his shaft and pressed it against her ass as well. Her eyes were wide, and, in the moment, she had a distinct realization that the creature was doing the same to her. She could feel the familiar tickle of a small tendril. She felt as it began to swell and grow, despite the other already inside her. Her mind went blank, her body overwhelmed with the myriad of competing sensations.

She woke in the blazing midday sun, nestled amongst the pine needles next to her clothes. Her phone buzzed angerly in the pile. She reached for it, groggy and delirious. “Hello…” she said hoarsely. “You know we don’t make you pay rent on break or expect much. But just taking off for 2 days without a word is ridiculous Katie!” her mother was practically screaming on the phone. “I like Megan and I don’t care if you guys want to catch up over break, just let us know so we don’t get worried. Now when are you coming home? You have work tomorrow, remember?” Katie was trying to process everything, shocked when her mother had said 2 days. Katie stammered an apology and promised she’d be back after work, her and Megan where gonna spend another day together and she’d go to work from her house. She hung and sighed, falling back on the soft grass. She scrolled through her phone, finding a dozen texts from Megan: “Hey, ur mom is pissed! Told her u r here…” … “where r u? I didn’t think we had to cover anymore.” … “Katie, seriously…I mean it’s no big deal if you’re out for a guy, just let me know so I can get the story straight.” “This better be a damn good story girl…” they continued just like that. Katie looked at her clothes. She certainly couldn’t go home in her PJs. She looked at her phone. She hit send and called Megan. It took her several minutes to get her best friend to shut up, telling her that she needed some clothes. She gave Megan directions and waited.

“Jesus Fucking Christ, Katie! You go wild in just a few semesters?” for the first time, Katie remembered she hadn’t bothered to dress. Megan had walked down the path and found her lying completely naked in the afternoon sun. She turned to her friend but before she could say a word, “Damn, let me know who the doc is that did those. Can’t even see the scars. They look great on you, just right.” She looked down, remembering only then the lingering effects the creature had on her, though apparently 2 whole days with it had a much more profound effect than the earlier times. Katie took a deep breath, not sure how to explain anything to her friend. “Look, don’t freak out. Everything is OK…but maybe it’s best to show you rather than describe it. Fuck I don’t even know if I can describe it…” she trailed off, leaving Megan with a confused look on her face. Katie got up and went to the water’s edge, she had no idea what this would be like since the effects from the last hadn’t worn off. She dove in the water and waited.


*If you happened to take a lazy stroll down the secluded path at the right time and came across the open meadow, you would discover Katie held high out of the water. Black things wrapping around her body, like thick ropes. Her legs splayed out obscenely, her heels touching her inner thighs as it bends her legs. Arms and wrists bound, completely at its mercy. If you are a bit kinky, you might recognize something resembling a complex Shibari tie. The thick, organic tendrils braiding and weaving around her fair, smooth skin. Something like a chest harness. You’d see it attach to her nipples, watching as her breasts gradually swell in its grasp. Her beautiful, small, and perky breasts growing at least two sizes, still matching her petite frame perfectly. You’d watch her back arch, her body quivering without relief as it held her. The meadow is completely silent, despite what appears to be her obvious enjoyment. You see another one of the “ropes”, tenticles or whatever they are coming between her legs, splitting into two forks or branches. It begins to penetrate her, easing itself inside her. You can see the stalks just outside of her start to swell. Then they start to pull away, easing almost completely out before slowly sliding back into her. Your eyes are wide, seeing how large they’ve grown. Practically the size of softball bats, easing in and out of her with no difficulty. Taking her in tandem as it uses her vaginally and anally. Watching a second pair of things braid around the larger stalks and penetrate her as well. Those things start to swell in their own way, though nowhere near as large. You can just make out how distended her stomach is from this thing, watching as her toes curl and her body bucks. You watch memorized as this thing continues to use her, losing all track of time. Looking at your watch you’re shocked that nearly 2 hours has gone by. Yet the thing continues, the girl’s back arched in the obscenest way as she continues to convulse in its grasp. It pulls completely out of her, the things shrinking in size. Wide eyed, you see the thing’s appendage swell into a gigantic phallus as it presses against her, easing into her again as it begins to sodomize the girl in its grasp. There’s no sense of pain or force, she appears to take the footlong appendage with no difficult. It begins to move and bend her in a depraved ballet as the grotesquely large shaft remains fully penetrated inside her. As the sun hangs low in the sky, it finally removes itself from her and begins lowering her back into the water. The rope like appendages unravelling and releasing her body as she gently floats in the crisp cool water. It cradles her, bringing her to the water’s edge and nestling her on the bank in a bed of pine needles. Her bubblegum pink nipples appear painfully erect, her breasts engorged and swollen. Her eyes are closed, as she lays there. Her body twitches and convulses with soft moans. Three inky black tendrils slither out of the water, barely the size of the girl’s smallest finger, they caress her body as they feel for their place. Latching onto her clitoris and nipples, her back again arches. Her moans fill the air as she bucks and writhes on the meadow floor. To your surprise, her body shows no evidence of being used and penetrated by the thing and its gigantic appendages. You would swear this girl had never been touched in her life. You walk away, taking a last glance at the creature’s lover splayed out on the bank of the pond, her soft and breathy moans now filling the still air as her body quivers in its touch.*





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