Unforgettable Encounters: Mom’s Unexpected House Call After My Ski Accident” SEO-optimized: “Thrilling Sex Stories: Mom’s Surprise Visit After My Ski Accident – Part 2

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As I left off in the previous part, let me tell you just how incredible my mom is in bed.

She straddles me, her hips moving at an enticingly slow pace. Every time she reaches the deepest point, a shiver runs through her body coupled with the sweetest moans escaping her lips. And she refuses to quicken the pace, teasing me like edging does.

Just when I attempted to match her rhythm from below, she halted, bringing us back to our tantalizingly slow exploration. A remarkable detail is how her intoxicating essence slowly drips from her, covering me in a thick and velvety film of desire. It’s like a slick blanket of her captivating “mommy juice”. I struggle to gauge where she stands in her cycle of pleasure and blissful release. Her alluring rear clenches, and I think she’s reaching the climax, only to find she’s not quite there yet.

Then, around ten minutes in, she suddenly begins escalating the intensity, going faster and faster in stages like a relentless rocket. I couldn’t hold back any longer, succumbing to the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. It felt doubly intense and indescribably prolonged. However, my mom hadn’t reached her peak yet. She continued to ravish me, simultaneously stimulating her own pleasure by bringing her hand down to her eagerly pulsating core, caressing her sensitive netherlands. My strength was waning, almost on the verge of becoming limp, and finally, she climaxed just like me. It was as if she experienced multiple waves of euphoria. Truly extraordinary.

When our passionate encounter drew to a close, she squeezed her thighs together and sat on her shirt, allowing herself a moment to bask in the afterglow. It was then that I noticed our combined pools of ecstasy, with my release mingling with the glistening remnants of her own juices.

Our eyes met, and she broke the silence. “I haven’t engaged in such intense pleasure for a very long time,” she admitted. “Sure, I indulge in some solo play, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve been with someone.” She then revealed that she had previously engaged in a few encounters with our former neighbor, but found his skills to be lacking, deeming self-pleasure a more hassle-free option.

Here I am, sitting naked next to my mom, with traces of my essence still lingering within her. Unable to withstand, I leaned over and began suckling on her enticing nipples, eliciting a sigh of contentment from her lips. She then reclined and spread her legs, delving deeply into her own desires. With both hands, she skillfully pleasured herself, expertly using one to penetrate her longing core and the other to fervently caress her sensitive clit. It took no more than two minutes for her to succumb to yet another mind-blowing release. Our eyes locked once more, and she smirked, saying, “I was only looking for a quickie. Lol.”

With a parting glance, she suggested we should hurry along, but not before asking if there was anything she should bring tomorrow. Lost in the haze of pleasure, I pondered for a moment before replying, “Actually, bring that slow, sensual device we love, okay?”

Mom flashed me a thumbs up, and we bid each other farewell, already eagerly anticipating our encounter the following day.

End of Part 2