Unexpectedly fucked my friend, during a getaway Part #2

[Part #1]( it’s not necessary, but advisable, if you like stories with build-up.

All Participants are 18+.

Fun Starts at _______

Brian is no stranger to making sexual innuendos/jokes or asking questionable sexually charged suggestions, though it’s all light-hearted. We don’t think too much of it. This is because who hasn’t made an offhand sexual joke or two. Laugh it off and move along (within reason).

He was in the kitchen, while everyone was in the lounge. He had this devilish grin, something was off. Normally it’s all fun and playful, not sure if this was some bit he’s doing or not. Brian proceeds to ask.

Brian: who’s heard of blind fucking?

Rob: uh, that sounds like some sort of kinky fantasy or a sexual assault charge!

The group bursts out laughing.

Brian: No, I’m serious, it’s just a bit of fun, who in?

It goes quiet, nothing but “Bach: Violin Concerto No. 2 in E II. Adagio” plays in the background.

After Brian asked, he returned to his more jovial self-smiling. Slowly, he walks up to the group. Everyone is somewhat apprehensive.

Brian tells us that, there’s a game they play in swing.

Rob interjects; oh, twinkle toes does swing?

Alexander followed up with; I didn’t know you danced bud!

Amy and Sophie got excitedly cheer out ooo, Give us a little show, please! Luna snickers trying to hide a laugh.

Brian chuckled and retorted back; No, not that sort of swing.

The look of confusions for some only lasted for only a brief moment.

Brian grins and states that he doesn’t tip pineapples for fun, He and Luna are swingers.

Now if anyone wasn’t fully paying attention, they were now.

Brian says that the rules are simple.

-We divide the groups up into Male and female or top/bottom. Usually it’s the guys are blindfolded

-next they get naked or drop their lower half and get hard. The girls get to see who’s working with what. Here’s the kicker, it’s a roulette game.

-Guys get clothed, hand over the blindfolds to girls, then they go to their room or whatever, put on the blindfold and wait. There’s also for bonus fun. For the full blind experience, the girls can talk, but not the guys.

-The guys now roll a dice or whatever is easier to see who’s matched to whom. However you can not be with the person who you’re already with. Let the pleasure start.

Brian asked, so what do you think?

I didn’t know enough to call it either bullshit or if this was an actual legitimate thing. Does this actually happen? Perhaps it’s ordinary for their crowd I guess, I don’t know?

Sophie being one of the most level-headed of the group, she suggested that we should split in to two groups and decide amongst ourselves, then sees if the whole group is in agreeance together.

It seemed to be a better way, than the usual shouting over one and another, given the circumstance. Admittedly, this happens more than it needed to in our group. There weren’t any disagreements to the idea, so we huddled in to our respective groups.

We weren’t really able to hear what each other were saying. However, there were a lot giggling and some hand movements. Normally, this wouldn’t faze me too much, but given this time and the situation; my brain was firing on all cylinders as was my anxiety. The obvious feasible scenarios were playing through my mind.

I totally zoned out, felt my palms get damp, legs shake because of a cold breeze. Then to only be brought back to the sound of the guys beating their chest chanting men, men, men, men increasingly louder and louder. Confused I looked to Rob.

Rob pats my chest and utters; we’re doing it. I got a feeling, that tonight’s going to be a good good night! You’re in yeah?”

The mental fog barely lifted, maybe it was the shock of it all, I responded with “yeah, buddy!”

The whole group goes to form back up. Brian goes to confirm that we’re all on board, as did Sophie. She does a double take and says “hold up. We’re down one…”

Noticing my way out; I quickly butt in with “oh, I can sit this out”.

Amy and Luna for a brief moment have this look of disappointment. Luna snaps back with “Don’t worry I’ll take two for the team!”

Everyone’s shocked and stares at her, except Brian, which has this big proud smile on his face or something. Amy looked relived, though was short lived.

Luna had this look of determination and lust. She insisted that since I was solo, I could team up with whoever got her, as she smiled like the Cheshire Cat.

Amy glared at her, like if someone had threw a ball at their birthday cake, just before they’re able to blow out the candles.

I’m all for joining the boys and having a good time, but seeing their penis? That’s a hard no from me dawg.

I sternly turned down her offer and just like “The Wall” in GOT, I stood tall and unwavering.

Luna was unfazed, and then reaffirms that her stance on the offer, it still stands.

They get ready for the gun show, not particularly interested in knowing what is unknown.

I decided to get a chair and admired the outside scenery from inside instead. Moments later I hear gasps and oh.. I’d be lying if; I said that I was the slightest bit intrigued and just like that the girls went off to their rooms.

Now back to company, the boys played matchsticks for Amy first, rob wins. Confused to why he had this look of dread. Next they rolled a die with 1-4, 2-5, 3-6 Zeke paired with Denise, then Alexander and Luna, Brian and Sophie.

Brian pulled out condoms for everyone, he grabbed a few and mentions “This may be a game, but protections comes first”. Others follow suit, grabbing some and walking off.

Except Rob, he grabs my arm, stares me down, and told me that he cannot do this anymore, not with Amy. She’s like a sister to him, the only reason he wanted in was to be with Luna or Denise.

Dumbfounded, tell him he’s an idiot. What he didn’t know was that, I was in a dry spell and had a thing for Amy, but never tried anything, it felt wrong. These feelings only stared a few years after we’ve known each other, with each passing day that feeling stayed true, the fear of losing a friend wasn’t worth it.

He kept asking for me to swap with him, as did “The Wall” I too crumbled. The look of relief on his face was instant as I agreed to take his spot. Then he proceeds to tell me, that we could do a swap in the bathroom after, so no one knew, since it was near Amy’s room(looking back, I have no idea why we did this. because it didn’t really matter).

The nerves that were once crippling me before, they had come back. However it was different, it was giddiness and shock. In life there are things that you dream of doing, but don’t because of reasons, such as doubt and fear of making a fool of yourself. That was me right then, everything was set and ready to go. All I had to do was press go and hope for the best.

I grabbed some condoms and walked to her door.

Each and every step I took felt like it was in slow motion, my heart thumping so loud. I felt the blood slowly engorge my cock now at half-mast; it’s quickly filling it up to its full glory.

My hand out trembling, grab the handle to the door, turning slowly. What greeted me was mesmerising, Nothing short of what I would consider angelic. Maybe it was rose tinted glasses? If so, I didn’t care.

Walking in and closing the door with a thud, she looked at my direction. She couldn’t see anything with the blindfold. Put the condoms on the table and undress, while at the same time trying to calm my nerves.

Amy had now lain back down, legs spread. Slowly rub my hand from her stomach to her left breast, pinch it softly.

She puckers her lips; though I could oddly feel she was disinterested, even with the blindfold I saw the eyes of disinterest like x-ray. This helped calm my nerves for some reason.


I set forth to please, by doing so I suckle on her right nipple. Slowly leaving a trail of kisses leading up to her lips. Gently put my hand under her head and kiss those luscious lips, she rubs my face and grabs my hair. Amy twitches slightly. Not sure why, I continued to slowly kiss down her body in an S like pattern.

I was greeted with a clean shaven pussy, I notice that she’s wet, get close, smell a slightly musky smell. Take one good lick, it’s tangy. Pull back the hood and slowly make circles around her clit, then suck on it gently. Amy lets out a soft moan.

Decide to increase the suction a bit more, this makes her gulp and gasp a bit. Move my middle finger to her mouth placing it on her lips, she sucks on it and twirls her tongue around the first knuckle smiling. Stick that finger in her warm silky pussy, while flicking her clit with my tongue.

She takes a shallow breath. Add another finger inside, and then do a come hither motion, using my thumb to rub her clit.

Amy’s breathing is slightly laboured and speeding up. I continue with varying speed, soon she clamps her legs together and tightens her pussy with my fingers inside, goes silent and let out a guh, after doing this, I feel a small gush of liquid.

Amy gets up and moves her hand in my direction; I grasp it and placed her delicate hand on my chest. Now slowly runs it down to my erect cock, grasps the base and let out a surprised gasp.

She keeps going further and fondles my balls a bit. Amy moves back to my cock and strokes it up to the tip, sticking out her tongue put my tip on it and sucks for a bit then pulls of making a pop sound. She continued sucking and stroking my cock and balls. It was absolute bliss, not wanting to end the show too early, I tap on her shoulder.

I Gently guide her to the bed and laid her down, then spread her legs, I lick and spit on her pussy. Rubbed my tip on her vulva, she licks her lips and bit her bottom lip. Slowly pushing in to her warm silky pussy, it felt snug; I’m going back and forth leaning forward.

She grabbed my arm that is placed on the bed shakily, while breathing quickly. Half way in she says; condom.

I totally forgot to put a condom on. Quickly put it on, it’s a bit tight, get back to slowly entering like before.

I bottom out, balls deep in Amy. She firmly grabs my arm tightly and begins to breathe heavily. I lean in to kiss her, while also pulling out just so the tip is barely in, quickly enter back in, and felt like I hit a wall.

Amy’s lips on mine, feel them quiver along with her erratic breathing. Quickly she tells me; too deep. This surprised me, since I didn’t think I was that long at the time.

Look for a pillow or something to put under her butt to help with a better angle, as I heard somewhere that this helps, not sure how true, couldn’t hurt right?

I started again with slow shallow strokes; she’s rubbing her clit and grabbing her left boob then pinching her nipple.

I heard a door open and close, as well as some rustling noise outside. Can’t see anything, just too dark probably some small animal. I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Slowly create up speed; I was staring at Amy’s gorgeous face biting her bottom lip, taking long slow deep breaths of air through her nose. Push her legs back to her head, Amy’s hand moves from her breast to my waist, probably to stop me from going too deep. That I felt horrible for doing.

Not long after I’m doing short quick strokes. The feeling thrusting in and out felt amazing. I probably wouldn’t have lasted this long without the condom. Hear another door open and close.

Grabbing her waist; I apply more power with each stroke. Both panting, breathing in so much air. Scared either one of us would pass out from hyperventilating or both.

She wraps her legs around me, making me push even harder in to her. Something took over me, as I put my hand on her throat, lightly squeezing. Scared if I went further, it’d be uncomfortable for her.

Close my eyes, just savouring the moment, because I knew that I was gonna release any moment now. Like the big bad wolf I huffed and I puffed and blew my load deep inside. Feeling her pussy spasming, this just milked everything out of me. Going in for one last kiss, she placed her hands behind my head and pushed my face into hers.

My head’s spinning, I pull out and took the condom off. Amy goes to suck on the tip, trying to get one last taste of me or something.

Pat her head, like the good girl that she was, the smile she had was just adorable.

I got dressed and tossed the condom in the bin. Go to swap with Rob. Asked him what he’d been doing? Rob answers; jacking off, what else? Felt sort of stupid for asking, made the most sense, given the circumstance.

He left to go to the lounge; I go and splash some water on my face. Not sure how to feel about what just happened, no matter, it’s something for future me to understand. Take a piss and washed my hands, and then joined the others.

Alexander asked; so what were you doing? Unsure what to reply, for some reason it shocked me. Ope there goes gravity, as I felt like I was spinning in space. Then I snap back to reality, and answer; I had one of those poops you gotta take your shirt off, ya know?

Alexander remarks; Yeah, I can see with your face looking like that ha ha. It was noticeably redder than usual.

The boys begin discussing what they did and such. Not too long after Brian walks out from his room, seeing everyone, he goes to tell the girls that it’s now over.

With everyone back together, Brian asks how the girls experience was. They all responded with; oh it was fine, nothing special, but we knew by the look on some of their faces, that was not the case, especially Denise.

The boys responded in kind, though trying to hide their smiles, except one. Luna looks to me and said “maybe you’ll join next time yeah?”

Not seeing this curveball, uttered; I don’t know if there will be another one honestly.

Luna drops a “You never know”.

We were all hungry again. They begin heading off to finish the leftover barbeque.

I stayed behind to, think. Amy at the back of the group heading out turns around.

She tells me “Guess the rumours were true about Mr. Banana” while giggling.

Confused, I didn’t know there were rumours about me. I stood there looking socked and confused, watched her walk off to the others.

Rob walks back in, wondering what Amy had said to me. I wondered that this was probably something that doesn’t need to be known, replying back; oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.

Rob responds with, “alright then, let’s just say, the Rob dawg knows something you might wanna know”.

Dismissing it, say “doubt it”. Rob shrugs and walks off announcing; I’m at all times out helping out my bros and you’re one of them. Paused for a bit, Replied back, “Good to know” not sure if he heard me or not. He was already a bit far off.

Things begin to finally calm down in my mind, nerves under control. Whoa, jokingly fucking with your friends is one thing, to actually fuck with them… It’s just something else entirely, not sure if I’m about this lifestyle. Can’t say it wasn’t pleasurable though. I can feel my stomach grumble, head on over to join them.

The Banana saga does not end here.

NSFW: yes

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