Unexpected Shower Show [F24][solo, voy]

My alarm went off as it usually does every weekday. Normally I turn it off and get up right away to get ready for work but I didn’t feel like getting up yet. I laid there for a bit after shutting it off trying to remember what I had just been dreaming about. I couldn’t remember exactly but I did know that whatever it was, it had made me horny.

I rolled over to my bedside table and grabbed a small clit suction toy I have and started using it. I ran my free hand up my body, on my tits and down to my pelvis while I moved my hips up and down. After a while of playing with myself, I didn’t feel like I was close to cumming, at all. It frustrated me as I had to get up or I’d be late for work.

I threw the toy back in my drawer and went to the washroom to take a shower. I started to brush my teeth while I looked at my eyes and thought how they weren’t more red with how tired I felt. While in my thoughts, I heard walking on the ceiling of my apartment. I live on the top floor of a three storey building so I could hear a couple people walking on the roof to repair something that I didn’t fully read about in an email sent to us.

I finished brushing my teeth and got in the shower. The hot water ran down my body which at all times felt great in the mornings. I would stand under my rain showerhead for hours if I could. I washed my hair and while rinsing it I could feel the sunlight hit me from my skylight window above. One of the perks about being on the top floor.

I soaped my loofah and scrubbed myself with it. When I went between my legs, I was reminded of how horny I felt. I wished I had been able to cum earlier and felt annoyed again. My hand teasefully rubbed my clit as I contemplated trying again.

I grabbed my shower wand and placed the stream between my legs. I started with a softer setting in hopes that I could get close enough that turning it up higher afterwards would make me cum.

I must have been trying for about 5 minutes when I felt the sun disappear for a second on my closed eyes. I opened them while looking downwards and noticed two slight shadows on an edge of what would be my skylight.

My first wondered was to drop the shower wand and cover myself but for some reason I didn’t. My pussy pulsed. The stream from the wand immediately felt better. My eyes were fixated on the two shadows. The idea of two people watching me had elevated my arousal.

I switched the shower wand to a stronger setting and focused the stream on my clit as I rubbed my tits with my other hand. I felt like I was giving a show. I started doing things I normally wouldn’t do if I was by myself.

I leaned my back onto the wall and pushed my hips forward while I continued to spray my clit. Then I turned around to press my chest against the wall and stuck my ass out. I reached between my legs with the wand and focused the stream on my clit.

I reach my other hand down my side to my ass and gripped myself. I then used my middle finger to caress my asshole. Normally not something I would do but it had turned me on thinking of doing something extra while being watched.

I felt my clit begin to throb as I continued playing with myself. I started to push my finger against my ass harder as I let out soft moans. My body started to tighten as my orgasm began building. Without realizing, I started moaning loudly.

I came harder than I had in a long time, in front of these two strangers. It was as if it lasted longer than ten seconds and as it ended, my body felt so heavy. My arms were weak, my breath was heavy. I dropped the wand to the tiles without caring and shut off the water as I caught my breath.

As I reached for my towel, the shadows reminded me of my peepers. I felt a little embarrassed now. I didn’t want them to know I knew they were there or make eye contact so I wrapped my towel around me and left the washroom. I was in a bit of disbelief at what I had just done. I had never done anything like that before and felt a little strange about it.

I finished getting ready and made my way to the garage. I drove to the gate to leave the underground parking when I noticed a work vehicle for window cleaners. That must have been why they were by my skylight. As I turned to go by it, I noticed two men standing by the side of it. Their eyes were clearly fixated on me. I couldn’t help but hold my stare back at them.

Then, almost as if they timed it, they both gave me a sly smile. It was like they were trying to tell me they knew what I had done. Without thinking, I responded with a wink. My pussy pulsed.

NSFW: yes

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