Unexpected Encounters: My Intimate Experience with a Past Infatuation (21F) – Reflecting on a Surprising Encounter

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Last year in 2022, my boyfriend (23m) and I had a tumultuous relationship filled with heated arguments and constant fighting. Our relationship seemed to be built on a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

In February of that year, we reached a breaking point during one particularly ugly fight. Frustrated and hurt, I decided to seek solace away from him and went back to my parents’ place. I ignored all of his calls and texts, determined to distance myself from the toxic cycle we were trapped in.

One day, while I was alone at home, I found myself reminiscing about my former crush from middle college, Jake (21m). He was the heartthrob of our college, and I had at all times harbored a secret crush on him. In fact, we even dated briefly during my first year of high college after I ended a previous relationship. Although it didn’t last, the attraction between us remained.

In February of 2022, I decided to reach out to Jake. Surprisingly, he responded with kindness and warmth. We began catching up, sharing stories and experiences. Feeling vulnerable, I confided in him about the recent turmoil in my life, involving both my family and my current boyfriend. Jake was incredibly supportive, offering a listening ear and understanding shoulder.

As we strolled through the park together, I found comfort in the way Jake genuinely cared about my well-being. Grateful for his kindness, I hugged him tightly, feeling a connection unlike anything I had experienced before. Our conversation and bond continued to deepen as we visited Target to grab some essentials before heading back to his place.

Little did Jake know, I had intentionally chosen to wear seductive undergarments, hoping for intimacy between us. Over my sexy lingerie, I wore a striking red top, black leggings, and a stylish jean jacket. And there, at his place, we shared an intense moment of passion as soon as we entered. We couldn’t withstand each other any longer, and our desire took over.

Initially, everything unfolded as we had fantasized in our previous conversations. Our bodies intertwined, embracing each other with fervor. When the moment of sexual intimacy arrived, I was already filled with anticipation, and Jake was equally aroused. However, as the act progressed, I couldn’t ignore the stark difference in size between Jake and my current boyfriend.

Despite my attempts to fake enjoyment, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. It felt foreign and unsatisfying, a stark contrast to the passion I had shared with my boyfriend. Thoughts of him consumed my mind, intensifying my longing for him and making it difficult to embrace the encounter with Jake fully.

After enduring fifteen minutes of discomfort, with Jake trying to please me but falling short, I mustered the courage to speak up. I confessed, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I’m still in love with J.” (J being the initial of my boyfriend’s name, his endearing nickname to me.) Jake refused to accept it, clinging to me and urging me to continue, but I remained firm. “Stop, I want to go home,” I insisted.

Reluctantly, Jake complied, though not without a selfish plea, proposing other sexual acts he hoped I would fulfill. Refusing his demands, I reiterated my desire to leave. Eventually, we got dressed, and he drove me back home.

Once back in the safety of my own space, I rushed to the bathroom, yearning to cleanse myself of the encounter completely. I took a long, thorough shower, scrubbing away any remnants of Jake’s presence. I even went as far as scrubbing the innermost parts of my being, hoping to erase the memory of our interaction entirely.

Seeking solace, I confided in my best friend, who was livid upon hearing what had transpired. He even contemplated seeking revenge if he knew where Jake lived. Thankfully, I dissuaded him, making him promise not to retaliate. Though he agreed, he couldn’t help but express his protective nature, assuring me that if fate ever crossed their paths, he wouldn’t shy away from confronting Jake for his mistreatment of me.

The experience with Jake left me reflecting on the complexity of desire and emotional connection. It became clear that true fulfillment lies not just in the physical factors but in the deep emotional bond we form with our partners. Only then can passion reach its pinnacle, transcending the normal and leaving us completely enamored.


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