Unexpected anal sex in plane lavatory [FM] – Short Sex Story

I often see young couples locking in the lavotory during a flight, and each time my cabin crew and I just smile and realize that the high mile club has gained new members. At moments like this, I sometimes go to the lavatory door and if listen, can hear moans. Then everything is okay. And every time they come out of the lavatory so happy.

I’ve also had sex in the lavatory more than once, but only when I was flying as a passenger. The most memorable moment was when I was about 21 years old. I had a few fuck bodies at the time and one of them asked me to have sex in the airplane lavatory and was very surprised to hear that I memebr of mile high club.
We didn’t have to fly anywhere special. He just bought tickets for the next night flight. I told him beforehand how it was gonna happen. We discussed all the details, but I decided to surprise him in a way he wasn’t expecting. I purposely wore a light tennis skirt without panties and a tank top without a bra. And I was so horny that my nipples almost tore my top.
After the flight attendants picked up all the trash and turned out the lights I sent the guy to the lavatory first. I should have waited at least five minutes. I was so horny and could feel the juice flowing from my wet pussy. If I touched it, I would cum right away.

After a few minutes I went to the bathroom too and quietly knocked secretly. I turned my back to him, pulled up skirt and took his cock to insert into me. And that’s where my surprise came. Instead of guiding his hard cock into my pussy, I guided it into my ass, which I had prepared and lubricated beforehand. But even if there was no lube, his precum would have been enough.
The guy was shocked and I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger from the excitement. I’m petite and to make him comfortable I lifted myself up on the chains and spread my legs. The airplane toilet is very small, so I couldn’t bend over too much. I just put my face in the mirror and he came inside me. It hurt a little at first, but he was very gentle with me. He held my thigh with one hand and caressed my tits with the other.

I squirt very hard during anal sex, so I covered my pussy with my hand to avoid splashing our clothes. We cum very fast and almost at the same time. My palm filled with my squirt. While his cock throbbed and filled my asshole with cum, I ran my hand between his legs and stroked his balls. It was very cool. Without changing my position or pulling his cock out of my ass I just turned my head and we kissed. After a minute he started fucking me again and cummed again.

Yes it was the hottest sex I’ve ever had on a plane. But who knows… maybe in future I will have another greatest one.

Now its midnight in my place and the memory of this story making me honry. I’m lying in bed naked with my legs spread and I feel my pussy getting wet. Yes, I’m gonna post this now and probably get my favorite toy before I go to bed. Too bad my husband is away on a company trip.

NSFW: yes

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