Uncle Cum Rag

It was a Friday after college, I walk out wear a slutty yellow and black plaid skirt, with a black thong on, I was wearing a tight yellow shirt with a black bra on and wearing black stocking and yellow heels with my hair in a ponytail. My uncle pulls up in his car, my uncle rolls down his window on his passenger side. I bend over to say hello my ass cheeks in plain view. We talk he tells me to get in. I open the door and get in, he drives off and takes me to a motel a few miles down from the college. He pulls up to his hotel room, and we get out and he opens up the door we walk in. The lights are dim and there are candles burning. He begin to kiss he feels me up his hands all over my body rubbing my tits. He takes off my shirt and removes my bra he starts to suck on my tits and grabbing my ass. He turns me around and pulls down my skirt and pulls down my thong. He spreads my ass and starts to eat my ass, I moan feeling his tongue in my ass hole. His fingers insert into my wet clit, starts with two than 3 and I feel 4 fingers insert inside my pussy, while his tongue licks and eats my ass. I moan feeling my uncle pleasure my holes. Than his tongue begins to lick my clit and than he slides his tongue deep inside my pussy, I moan louder and my pussy is dripping wet. He states up my turn Stephanie, I turn around and drop to my knees and unleash his cock from his pants, he’s rock hard. I start to suck off my uncle, my mouth wraps around his tip, I slide my mouth down to his dick. Than back up and down. I slide my tongue up and down his dick. He gets a phone call from his wife. He answered the call, while I suck him off. My mouth going up and down on him as he talks. You can hear me slurping his dick. I move to his balls and begin to suck on his balls, while I jerk him off. He can barely talk to his wife. He finally gets off the phone. I look up at him while I suck his balls. He lets out a loud moan. I get up and kiss him, he grabs me and throws me on the bed my ass jiggle, he gets behind me and insert his cock into my tight teen pussy. I feel his tip part my pussy lips and go deep inside me. He grabs my hips and begin to thrust deep and hard. I moan loudly feeling him fuck me. He starts to pick up the pace and goes faster. He goes hard and fast. My pussy grips his dick. He turn me on my back and continues to pound my pussy, my ass jiggles as my tits bounce. He doesn’t stop he keeps going harder and faster, I begin to cum on his dick, he keeps pounding my pussy, my body shakes and my pussy grips his dick hard. He feels Mr grip his dick he continues to fuck me harder and faster, than he pulls out and I get on my knees, he lets out a enormous load of cum on my pretty teen face. Load after load of cum cover my face. My uncle breathing hard.

Hope you enjoy this story 😘

NSFW: yes

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